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UF PRO Tactical Resources

Lack of knowledge is what can stand between you and successful completion of the mission. UF PRO Tactical Resources is here to help you learn new skills or update ones you already possess. These essential video series cover must-have knowledge ranging from CQB to how to aid an injured operator in the field. Experts in a variety of tactical fields share their vast knowledge and help you improve your own.

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Firearm Instructor Series

| 4-part video series

High-calibre instructors of the art and science of shooting talk about pistol shooting with but one common goal — to make you a more efficient, more consistent shooter. Tune in and learn about overcoming shooter deficiencies, developing improved trigger control, handling recoil better, and making fast, clean transitions from weapon to weapon.

Pro’s Guide to SF Selection & Assessment

| 4-part video series

Mental toughness. Physical fitness. These are just two of the many qualities you must possess in order to be accepted for elite Special Forces training. Industry expert Mike guides you through the SF selection prep and readies you for the challenging process ahead - from mental preparation to training plan.

Pro’s Guide to Pistol Shooting Fundamentals

| 5-part video series

Expert Rick Crawley guides you through the basics of pistol handling and explains how these essentials make you a better shooter. Dive deeper into proper stance, grip, sight picture, trigger control, holster draw, reloading and common malfunctions


| 5-part video series

Get more intel on how to aid your furry friend in distress and—in life-threatening situations—keep him alive.


| 7-part video series

This series teaches you about different approaches to close-quarter combat and dives deep into the methodology of the hybrid ITCBQ system.

Pro’s guide to Tactical Tracking

| 5-part video series

In this series, we follow former Dutch Royal Marine Boris Vos and his team of tactical trackers as they hunt down suspects on the run. Get more intel on the advanced tactical tracking skills needed to track down your quarry.


| 2-part video series

Watch professionals in real-life scenarios show you how to improve your tactical shooting skills.


| 5-part video series

Save Lives. Save Missions. Watch the Pro's Guide to Combat Medic Essentials video series and equip yourself to aid the injured and wounded.


| 3-part video series

Learn how to defend yourself with just your bare hands if necessary when someone comes at you with fists, knives, or a sidearm.