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Our elbow pads stay out of your way—but when you need them to protect your elbows, you’ll be glad you’ve had them on the entire time. They employ a special anatomic construction that lets them work seamlessly with our other gear. And they’re made from high-quality materials that, depending on your needs, give you extra cushioning or provide protection against brutal impacts.


Flex Elbow Pads

Upgrade your elbow protection with Flex Elbow Pads. They’re compatible with our Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Shirt and Striker Stealth Smock.

Hesitated at first, then fell in love!

“I was first planning to send the pads back, as they seemed just too stiff and thick—no way they could be comfortable! Gave them a try—and, sure enough, way too stiff!

“But after four days of training, I noticed that I was forgetting to remove them. That quickly changed my mind.

“They are great! Absolutely recommended!”

Daniel P.

Verified Buyer


What is the difference between the IMPACT and CUSHION version?

IMPACT elbow pads are made of a special energy-absorbing foam that stiffens upon impact and protects your elbows from falls or situations where you suddenly need to hit the deck.

CUSHION pads offer an additional layer of cushioning when you need to lay on your elbows for an extended time.

What materials do you use for the Flex Elbow Pads?

We use high-quality polyurethane (PU) materials, which offer best-in-class protection for your elbows.

Do I need to strap the elbow pads when using them with a Combat Shirt?

No. They require no strapping. Just insert the elbow pads in the separate pocket designed especially for them on the garment’s sleeves. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the pads conform to your body and don’t require periodic readjustment.

Can I use Flex Elbow Pads with any UF PRO Shirt or Jacket?

No. The Flex Elbow Pads are designed for use only with our Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Shirt.


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