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UF PRO P-40 pants won’t slow you down or hold you back. They put your essential gear within hands’ reach and fully protect your knees.


Try them on once. That’s all it takes to see why so many consider UF PRO P-40's the best you can buy. We studied the human body to learn how it actually moves. Then we took what we learned and used it to create pants that move with you. We also added features we knew you’d love. Like extra-big pockets. Sturdy belt loops. And knee pads that always stay right where you need them.


The last thing you want to hear from your gear after making a sudden move is the sound of fabric ripping. And you won’t when you wear UF PRO P-40's tactical pants for men. Run, jump, roll, dive for cover, do a split--your pants will stay together. That’s because we put long-lasting, durable stretch material in all the right places. When you move, your pants move with you.


Easily upgraded with highly protective knee-pad inserts that have an engineered dimensional fit . Just insert them into the knee pad pocket and you’re ready to go. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to forget you’re wearing them. But you’ll be super-glad you’ve got them on when you really need them. 

One of the great things about our men’s tactical pants is their anatomic design allows for knee protection that needs no straps or adjusting. Why is this so important? Because no matter how good your knee pads are, they’re worthless if not worn at all times. You’ll want to always wear ours, thanks to your comfort and knee protection being among our topmost priorities.


We could have done the easy thing and just slapped on a couple of sets of deep cargo pockets. But that’s not how we do things at UF PRO. We make sure our spacious pockets are intelligently configured so that you can be assured the tactical gear you stow inside will be reachable from any position and won’t jangle while you’re on the move.


Wear them all winter long. The P-40 tactical pants for men readily convert from warm-weather wear to cold-weather gear by inserting our flannel Zip-in Thermo Liner. But here’s the thing. The flannel we use is a special type, meaning the Zip-in Thermal Liner gives you an extra measure of protection against chill winds and frigid temperatures.


Choose the tough-as-nails P-40 All-Terrain and Tac-2 models or the lightweight P-40 Classic and Urban pants. Our P-40 even come in shorts for those broiling hot summer days. No matter the terrain or task, we’ve got you covered.

P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Tactical Pants

The heavy-duty, all-rounders that let you move the way you want. Besides offering out-of-this-world comfort, these remarkably robust pants give you pockets configured for genuine functionality plus knee areas constructed to accommodate a supremely protective and cushiony pad system. As an added bonus, your P-40 All-Terrain Gen. 2 Tactical Pants are wearable all year long.

P-40 Classic Gen.2 Tactical Pants

Built for superb comfort plus uncompromising functionality and durability. The twin-layer knee-protection system safeguards your patella and associated joints. Comes with large pockets for easy, secure stowage of your must-have items.


The name says it all. These are designed for urban environments where you don’t want to look tactical but at the same time don’t want to lose out on the tactical features that make every pair of P-40 pants so awesome. 

Our P-40 Urban weigh the least of any we make. Part of the explanation for why they’re so light is we add fewer pockets. Even so, you’ll find that the P-40 Urban tactical pants for men easily accept all of your everyday carry-along gear.

A little wider than expected, to be honest. But when equipped with the knee pads, damn, UF PRO, you guys nailed it! It fits perfectly. Comfortable to wear. Robust materials where needed. Stretch where needed. I think it’s the perfect compromise between civilian clothing and hard-working tactical kit. Best of both worlds. Would buy more, would recommend.


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P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts

The only pair of tactical shorts you’ll need this summer. Lightweight and breathable materials optimal for high temperatures. Spacious side pockets with built-in ventilation for extra cooling airflow. This is the next generation of tactical shorts.


What’s the difference between the P-40 Classic & All-Terrain Gen.2?

The most prominent differences between the Classic and the All-Terrain Gen.2 models are these:

CORDURA® reinforcements.

Unlike the P-40 Classic, the P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 features CORDURA® reinforcements in places where damaging abrasion is usually a problem. These abrasion-prone locations include belt loops, pocket edges, and instep. Since the P-40 Classic Gen.2 pants come without additional reinforcements they are lighter and more breathable.

Pocket closure system.

Generally, the pocket closure system of the P-40 Classic is a Velcro strip, whereas that of the All-Terrain model is a zipper.

Number of pockets.

The All-Terrain model comes with more pockets—meaning you can carry additional items. For example, there is a small pocket on the thigh (suitable for stowing a knife) and the additional smaller strap-secured gear pocket on top of the side pocket.

Boot hooks.

Affixed to the hem at the bottom of each P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 leg are boot hooks that connect the pants to your footwear. The hooks prevent the pants from riding up your leg as you walk, run, sit, or crouch.

Do UF PRO tactical pants come already water-repellent?

Yes. They’re treated with a special coating that lasts a long time. The thing to keep in mind is that the coating wears off a little when you wash your pants. So, after many washings, your pants will be slightly less water-repellent than when they were new.

After washing, can I spray my UF PRO Tactical Pants with water-repellent coating?

Yes. But be aware that this could result in the fabric being less breathable.

How sturdy is the Schoeller stretch material used in the pants’ seat?

It’s extremely durable. In most cases, it’ll even outlast NyCo ripstop material (which is well-known for taking a lot of punishment). Read more about it here.

What’s the flap on the side pocket for?

It helps make sure that items you’re carrying (like your phone or tactical tools) don’t fall out when you bend down to pick things up off the ground. Our idea is we want the gear you stow in your pockets to stay put until you actually want them to come out.

Do knee pads work with UF PRO Tactical Pants?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your UF PRO® Tactical Pants with knee pads. In fact, we designed the entire P-40 range for use with our 3D Tactical Knee pads and Solid Pads. However, to use our Solid Pads you also need the 3D Tactical Knee Pads. There’s no way to use the one without the other.

Do you offer only men's tactical pants or do you design pants also for women?

Sorry, no. But don’t worry. You can wear our tactical pants whatever sex you are. It’s all the same in terms of comfort, freedom of motion, long-lasting quality, and ease of care.

Are these pants flame-resistant?

Normally no. We do make a flame-resistant version, but only by special order to military units and police officers.


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Anatomic cut - is it just fashion?

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The breaking point of Schoeller Stretch material

“Is this stretch material going to always hold up?“ We get asked that a lot by people looking to buy our P-40 and Striker combat pants when they see we’ve used schoeller®-dynamic stretch material. Read on to learn how we answer that question.

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