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Pro’s Guide to SF Selection & Assessment

Mental toughness. Physical fitness. These are just two of the many qualities you must possess in order to be accepted for elite Special Forces training. This four-part UF PRO video series guides you through SF selection prep and readies you for the challenging process ahead.

Part 1: Gather Intel & Mental Preparation

Before you can begin training, you must develop the proper mental frame. You also must gather as much intel as possible about the upcoming SF selection process. In this episode, series host Mike Strauch talks about how to acquire the info you need and how to get your mind right when it comes to setting goals.

Part 2: Physical Preparation | Principles and Overall Concept

Physical preparation is a large part of navy and army SF selection and prep because the training for such teams is brutally tough—you need to be in excellent shape in order to keep up. This episode discusses how best to start building muscles and cardio endurance.

Part 3: Physical Preparation: Techniques

Exercising a lot gets you started down the path to making the SF selection cut. But what gets you across the finish line is your determination to perform the exercises correctly. In this installment, you’ll see demonstrated the proper techniques for maximising your physical progress during SF selection prep.

Part 4: Physical Preparation: Training Plan

As you gear up to undergo Special Forces training, you’ll come across a tonne of experts and training plans. But who should you follow? Which plan should you adopt? Those are challenging questions indeed. In this final episode, you’ll be given guidelines to help you choose the best expert and plan.

About Mike

Mike serves in the German army as a reserve officer. He holds a masters degree in psychology. He has worked as a private-security contractor in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. The former owner of Crossfit Assault (one of the first crossfit gyms to open in Germany), Mike is the founder of Project Archangel in which he shares his knowledge and experience of “the way of the Warrior”.

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