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Your line of work demands that you face weather at its worst. Our job is to make sure that, when you do face bad weather, you can step-up your game despite those harsh conditions. How? By outfitting you in a tactical rain jacket designed for extreme reliability with proven functionality. That’s what our Monsoon Tactical Rain Jackets are all about.


Sure, Gore Pro and other well-known laminates are great products, but they’re not designed for professionals like you. In our Monsoon product lineup, we use only GORE-TEX products (and similar laminates in some camouflage versions) that have superior durability properties compared to those of consumer outdoor waterproof membranes and durable water repellent coatings. As a result, you can be assured that your UF PRO Monsoon rain product will keep you dry—even in the wettest harsh weather.



Ever stood outside for hours in the cold rain and felt an uncomfortable damp feeling on your shoulders? Most likely, it wasn’t a rain-jacket leak—even though you could swear that it was. What probably happened was you experienced a “thermal bridge” effect. When there is too little insulation between your skin and the outside air, the cold from the rain can penetrate to your skin. This results in a sensation of wetness. We solve this problem by placing air/pac® inserts in the shoulders of our tactical rain jackets. These mesh inserts are 8mm thick and create an air barrier that prevents the outer cold from being conducted inside to your skin. Lightweight and anatomically shaped, you’ll never even notice them. (air/pac® inserts help you in another way as well: their foamy construction better distributes the weight of heavy backpacks or plate carriers, making those items a lot easier to tote for a longer stretch.)


Hoods of the past limited your view—especially when you turned your head to one side or the other. The not-very-good answer was to strap elastic adjusters to the hood so it would stay tightly in place. But soon, trapped heat would cause your head to become soaked with sweat. And, due to the laminate rubbing against your ears, your hearing would become impaired. Meet the amazing Hood/Harness® system. All you have to do is adjust it to your head’s size the first time you wear it. After that it will flawlessly follow the wide range of head-and-neck movement. With strapping eliminated, air and sound can freely fill the space between the laminate and your head. You’ll be more comfortable and able to hear what’s going on around you.


Are waterproof jackets really waterproof?

Yes. We use in our garments only the highest-grade laminates, such as GORE-TEX. We thoroughly test the gear in a controlled environment, then put it to real-life testing to ensure it performs at the best possible level.

Why does my rain jacket get wet inside?

Most times wetting of the middle and base layers is not caused by water finding its way in from the outside. Instead, it’s usually the result of a physiological/physical process.

Specifically, under certain circumstances, the human body produces more sweat than the laminate is able to carry away to the jacket’s hard-shell outer face.

You can see this for yourself by engaging in some physically demanding outdoor activities while wearing your waterproof jacket when it’s not raining and the temperature is around -5°C.

Read more about this topic here.

What do you wear under a rain jacket?

We recommend you wear a high-quality merino undershirt as the base layer when wearing a Rain Jacket. Merino wool has excellent moisture wicking properties that in effect increase the moisture-evaporating surface area of your body.

For mid-layers, what you should wear under the rain jacket depends on your activity level and the outside temperature. 

See our Combat Shirts and Tactical Softshell Jackets for more options.

What should you wear in heavy rain?

Our Monsoon XT Gen.2 Tactical Rain Jacket is the optimal choice for heavy rain.

Built from 100% waterproof laminates and offering you additional features (like air/pac® inserts and our unique Hood/Harness® system), these jackets will definitely help you out in harsh conditions.

How long should a GORE-TEX jacket last?

GORE-TEX membranes come guaranteed to remain waterproof for their usable lifetime when given proper care. By waterproof, GORE-TEX means no water from the outside will penetrate to the inside.

Proper care means washing your waterproof garments regularly and following the manufacturers’ washing instructions. Doing so preserves the outer DWR coating. The DWR coating reduces the fabric’s surface tension. This causes water to simply roll off.

Get more intel on how to DWR coating on waterproof jackets here.


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