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UF PRO Tactical Clothing

Durable, functional, and anatomically designed gear that works with you every step of the way.

Tactical Pants

Excellent comfort, functionality, and reliability. Unlike other tactical pants, you won’t be constantly tugging at them to adjust their ride on your lower body. UF PRO Pants keep you performing at your best.

Tactical Shirts

Try on a UF PRO Tactical Shirt and you’ll never want to take it off. Outstanding comfort paired with the latest in tactical industry thermal-insulation technology and waterproof materials.

Tactical Jackets

UF PRO Jackets are the first choice of operators needing protection from nasty wet weather or difficult cold conditions. These are built with the harshest elements in mind.

What makes UF PRO tactical clothing unique?

Sure, a manufacturer can slap on the “tactical” label to a pair of pants after adding some cargo pockets and knee pads. But they’re not genuinely tactical unless the wearer can move freely in them. Will you be able to? 

And about those knee pads: Will you keep wearing them as the hours go by or will they quickly become uncomfortable and end up tossed into your backpack? 

There’s nothing tactical at all about hindered movement and unworn knee pads. That’s why at UF PRO we design our gear to not only offer you specific tactical functionalities but also superb comfort—even when you operate in extreme weather conditions or engage in physically demanding activities. Find out more about the benefits of UF PRO Tactical Clothing.

Functionality plus style.

Wear UF PRO tactical clothing and you’ll look like more of a badass than you already are. We designed them to be both stylish and functional so you can get the job done at the same time you get people noticing you’re no one to mess with.

Top-notch materials means durability.

Tactical clothing that stands apart from the crowd is durable and long-lasting. To achieve both, we make our products from only the best materials available. We know they’re the best because we subject them to rigorous testing. Your job as an operator is tough, so we make the gear you get from us even tougher.

Anatomically fitted for the most unrestrictive movement imaginable.

The slick design of our tactical pants matches up with the way the human body is built and moves. The design also incorporates stretch material in the seat and knee areas to help ensure you enjoy fullest possible range-of-motion. These are tactical pants that let you think about your next move rather than about whether your gear will let you execute it.

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Camouflage Patterns

Gear up with the pattern best-suited for your next mission.

Solid colours

Browse UF PRO tactical clothing in solid colours, from Steel Grey to Ranger Green.