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Competition shooting gear that gives you an edge.

Don’t let clothing get in your way of reaching glory on the range. Make what you wear a competitive advantage. UF PRO clothing gives you the comfort and functionality you need to excel on match days—at daily practice, too.

Clothing that lets you focus on your target.

A special cut fabricated from top-notch materials delivering unique functionalities makes UF PRO clothing ideal for those situations where moving fast and unhindered counts for everything.

You’ll forget you’re wearing knee pads. Until you’ll need them.

Don’t be that shooter who walks around with a single strap-on knee pad. That’s so 1990s. UF PRO pants come with a special pocket over each knee so you can insert our 3D Tactical Knee Pads and protect both joints. But because they’re so comfortable, you can wear them all day without ever noticing them. And when during the match you race up to the obstacle where you’re forced to kneel before taking aim, you can count on our padded inserts to give you the necessary protection to keep your mind focused as you begin to squeeze the trigger and take that decisive shot.

Stay dry longer.

To stay dry, your skin needs to be able to breathe. That’s why we’ve chosen the exceptional materials and built in the innovative structural elements that are hallmarks of UF PRO clothing. But even if your sweat does wet the material, it’ll dry in practically no time so you can concentrate on lining up the winning shot.

Get our recommended setup for competition shooting

P-40 Classic Gen.2 Pants

Superb movability paired with feather lightness is the name of the game for the P-40 Classics. A unique cut and a special choice of materials allow them to follow your every move. Upgrade with knee pads for maximum comfort and protection. A spacious pocket configuration allows you to keep essential items handy.

Hunter FZ Gen.2 Jacket

During the breaks between stages at the match, it’s imperative that you help your body maintain proper core temperature. The Hunter FZ Gen.2 is exactly what you need for that. It keeps you comfortably protected against both wind chill and humidity. Plus, it stores easily in your backpack, meaning you can take it with you everywhere and have it close by at all times.

Urban T-Shirt

Employing the superb 37.5Ⓡ Technology material, the Urban T-Shirt is the ultimate choice when it comes to fast-drying times (which you’ll definitely want on a hot summer day). And best of all, it’s anti-bacterial (so, even if your shooting stinks up the range, at least the same won’t be true of what you’re wearing—no matter how many long hours you’ve had it on).