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The UF PRO Striker BDUs

Recognized and relied on by SF units around the world for outstanding comfort and performance, the UF PRO Striker BDU incorporates a unique mix of materials resulting in incredible wearability, optimally configured pocket functionality, and the ability to add supreme protection for knees and elbows.

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BDU Combat Shirts

BDU Caps

BDU Combat Pants

BDU Combat Shirts

BDU Caps

BDU Combat Pants

BDU Combat Pants

UF PRO BDU Pants provide nearly unlimited range of motion and come with a reliable triple-layer system of knee protection. Also included is a functional pocket configuration that helps keep your gear continually at your fingertips. Constructed of breathable and durable materials for maximum performance and comfort.

BDU Combat Shirts

UF PRO Combat Shirts help you keep it together in the most brutal environments. Built from top-class materials, they feature functional elements designed to work hand-in-hand with your other gear. Best of all, it’s a shirt you’ll feel exceptionally comfortable in even if you have to wear it a long time between changes.

BDU Caps & Boonie Hats

UF PRO Hats and Caps are a step up from the lids that go with your typical BDU. Complete your BDU with one of our great-looking, high-comfort, high-performance Boonie Hats or Base Caps. Operating in a cold environment? Then you need a UF PRO Winter Cap—perfect for keeping your head warm when the mercury drops.

Get the facts about BDUs

What’s in a UF PRO BDU?

Our UF PRO BDU is a three-piece set encapsulating our Striker Combat Shirt, Combat Pants, and high-quality, functional Cap or Boonie Hat. Our BDUs—like everything we make—derives from a mindset of creating high-end tactical clothing designed to help you to accomplish your mission under even extraordinarily difficult conditions.

Is the UF PRO BDU fire resistant?

The version sold to the public is not fire-resistant. The BDU version we sell to governments is indeed fire-resistant. If you’re interested in learning more about buying the FR version as a governmental purchase for yourself and your unit, please contact us here.

Are UF PRO BDUs NIR-compliant?

All of our camouflage BDUs are NIR-compliant. However, BDUs in unicolour variations are not NIR-compliant.

Can I buy BDUs in a pattern/colour which isn't listed on the site?

You can’t currently order our gear in a custom colour if all that you’re purchasing is a quantity of one (or even a dozen). The only way to get our BDUs in a non-listed pattern or colour is if you put in for a large-quantity run (orders need to be sufficiently sizable for us to manufacture custom clothing). Contact us here for more info.

Are knee and elbow pads included?

No. Our 3D Tactical Knee Pads and Flex Elbow Pads are sold separately.

When did the term BDU come into usage?

Operators began speaking of BDUs in the 1980s. BDUs were seen as a stepping stone toward fulfillment of the need for tactical gear with greater functionality and advanced camouflage patterns.

Initially, BDUs were designed to accommodate a range of body shapes. They also featured special pockets with multiple easy access openings. As well, they were constructed to permit wearers to enjoy ample freedom of movement. Later, these same BDU characteristics served as building blocks for other types of tactical garments that became mainstays in all branches of the U.S. military before making their way in the mid-2000s to law enforcement and various special units.

What materials are UF PRO BDUs made of?

We use high-quality PolyCo (Polyester/Cotton) blends. They’re woven using Ripstop technique and form the base material of our BDU gear.

Our Combat Pants incorporate in key locations a schoeller®-dynamic stretch material made of 92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane to give the wearer more freedom of movement.

To our Combat Shirts we add Merino/Polyester fabric, which increases their moisture-wicking properties and reduces drying time. They also have a reinforced mesh armpit made from a type of durable nylon, which helps them last far longer than you’d expect.

Our Winter BDU gear employs top-class G-Loft thermal insulation set apart from the pack by its optimal weight/insulatio

What's the difference between ACU and BDU?

BDU stands for battle dress uniform, while ACU stands for army combat uniforms. In the U.S. military, the two are distinguished by various features.


  • Jacket has four pockets arranged in a square

  • Button-down frontal closure

  • Requires nametape be sewn on, while badges can be either sewn or pinned

  • Cuffs are closed by buttons

  • Standard collar and lapels


  • Two upper-body slash pockets at an angle (for easy access while wearing a plate carrier and any load-bearing equipment)

  • Trouser has cargo slash-pockets at an angle (for easier access)

  • Nametapes, badges, and other insignia are attached with Velcro (the exception is skill badges which must be pinned)

  • Shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) is affixed to a Velcro strip (the SSI is a permanent IR reflective patch)

  • Pen pockets on the arms

  • Cuffs are closed/adjusted with Velcro

  • Front closure is a combination zipper and Velcro strip

  • Mandarin collar

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