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Hot weather tactical clothing.

Our hand-picked selection of UF PRO gear is designed to double-down on keeping you optimally cool despite the season’s heat.

Best tactical pants for hot weather

Breathable materials, ventilation zippers, and other functional elements help you stay cool and collected, whether you’re practicing on the range or enjoying a day off.

Best tactical shirts for hot weather

Lightweight and built with moisture-wicking technology that keeps you dry throughout the day. These are your go-to shirts when the mission takes you to a hot environment.


Combat Pants

See our industry-leading UF PRO combat pants.

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Combat Shirts

Combats shirts for weather ranging from hot to cold, wet to dry, calm to windy.

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Tactical Rain Jackets

Top-tier waterproof and breathable protection that shields you from nasty weather.

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Tactical Pants

Best in class wear-comfort and just the right features, be it for the shooting range or the urban environment.

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