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Police Gear.

Whether you’re a mission-driven SWAT operator or a discrete and professional police officer, UF PRO Police Gear is specifically designed for functionality and comfort. UF PRO Police Gear gives you uncompromising weather protection, superb durability, and all-round outstanding performance. Works seamlessly with your other gear, including holsters and plate carriers. Choose traditional Navy Blue or SF favorites Brown, Steel Grey, or Black.

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Police Pants for Indisputable Performance & Comfort.

UF PRO pants are tailored-made to meet the demanding requirements of law enforcement. With these pants, you’ll enjoy the uncompromising comfort and features you need to carry out your widely varying day-to-day tasks. Get reliable and discreet knee protection, functional pocket configuration, and exceptional movability. Choose the discrete-looking P-40 pants or the heavy-duty Striker Combat Pants.

All-Weather Police Shirts.

You perform your duties no matter the weather. That’s OK, because we have you covered with a range of high-performance shirts made expressly for the outdoor conditions in which you work. Choose from our short-sleeved Urban T-Shirts at one end of the spectrum to the cold-weather-ready AcE Winter Combat Shirt at the other.

Police Jackets for Severe Weather.

Downpours, blizzards, or icy winds—UF PRO Jackets are right at home in all those conditions. Trust our high-end jackets during such times to keep you comfortable and give you the functionality you need to stay focused and perform at your highest level.


Do you offer a discount for the police?

We offer a 10% discount for active police personnel. Create an account with us and request a PRO membership to receive the discount.

Can I wear UF PRO Gear on police duty?

You’ll need to check first with your superiors; however, our police equipment is made according to the highest standards and designed specifically for police work.

Can women wear UF PRO’s police clothing?

Yes. Our Police Clothing is a perfect fit for any gender. It’s all the same in terms of comfort, freedom of motion, long-lasting quality, and ease of care.

Browse gear in solid colours.

Steel Grey

One of the newest colours used in the tactical community, Steel Grey compliments grey elements (concrete, for example) that dominate in urban environments.

Brown Grey

Better known as Ranger Green or RAL 7013, this is the most familiar tactical colour. In fact, throughout the worldwide tactical community, it’s considered the go-to colour for tactical gear.


A staple colour for tactical operators. Distinguishes wearers from operators in other tactical units while at the same time compelling respect for authority.

Navy Blue

Police, medics, and other specialized tactical operators prefer to work in this colour because its snappiness is well-suited to the crisp, professional image they want to project.