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Tactical gear in Navy Blue

The preferred colour of police, medics, and other specialized tactical operators. Wear it to signal your professionalism while enjoying the full functionality and comfort you’ve come to expect from UF PRO gear.

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Delta Cold Weather Gear in Navy Blue

The Delta line is right at home in winter environments with icy rain or snow and chilling winds. Best-in-class G-Loft thermal insulation and functional elements focused on keeping you warm without overheating.


What colour goes with Navy Blue?

For clothing, Navy Blue works best with Navy Blue. However, Navy Blue also goes smartly with boots, belts, plate carriers, and other gear in Black.

Can I wear UF PRO Navy Blue on duty?

You’ll have to clear that with your superiors if, in your branch or department, our gear isn’t standard-issue. However, even when our gear isn’t standard-issue, our experience has been that most branches and departments don’t stop their personnel from wearing UF PRO Navy Blue while on duty.

Does your Navy Blue gear get lighter after multiple washing?

No. The combination of materials we use yield excellent colour fastness, so your UF PRO Navy Blue gear should hold its crisp hue even after multiple washes. Just make sure you follow the care instructions we sew inside every piece of clothing we sell. You can read more about proper wash care here.

When did Navy Blue clothing start to appear?

Navy Blue first caught on with sailors and navies back in the 18th Century. They adopted it for the simple reason that they liked the way it looked. Initially it was called Marine Blue, but it wasn’t long before it became known as Navy Blue. Its first mention in texts occurred in 1813.

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A staple colour for tactical operators. Distinguishes wearers from operators in other tactical units while at the same time compelling respect for authority.

Brown Grey

Better known as Ranger Green or RAL 7013, this is the most familiar tactical colour. In fact, throughout the worldwide tactical community, it’s considered the go-to colour for tactical gear.

Coyote Brown

This is the colour most widely recognized throughout the tactical community for ops in hot, arid environments.

Steel Grey

One of the newest colours used in the tactical community, Steel Grey compliments grey elements (concrete, for example) that dominate in urban environments.