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UF PRO Tactical Gear in Brown Grey

Alternatively codenamed Ranger Green and RAL 7013, Brown Grey is recognized by the tactical community worldwide as a mainstay tactical-clothing colour. It has proven for more than a century now to be truly versatile, which is why professional end-users have never stopped singing its praises.

More about Brown Grey

  • Extremely versatile—effective in arid, urban, or woodland environments

  • Blends especially well with dense vegetation and forests during autumn

  • Readily pairs with either plain colours or camouflage patterns

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Delta Cold-Weather Gear in Brown Grey [Ranger Green]

Sub-zero temperatures, snow, and freezing wind. Our Delta line was designed to shield you from all of it. Constructed with top-tier G-LOFT® thermal insulation and functional elements designed around winter environments.

Tactical Pants in Ranger Green [Brown Grey]

Designed to protect you in hyper-challenging environments and situations without restricting your freedom to stand, sit, squat, kneel, run, jump, or crawl. UF PRO Tactical Pants offer cargo pockets-sized stowage spaces, double belt-loops, a reliable triple-layer knee protection system, and other cool features.

Combat Shirts in Ranger Green [Brown Grey]

These Combat Shirts are built to be worn in sub-zero temperatures or scorching heat and everything in between. Functional elements include air/pac® inserts, highest-quality G-Loft thermal insulation, and moisture-wicking Merino/polyester-blend fabrics (to keep you dry even while you’re under heavy physical load). UF PRO Combat Shirts have you covered from all angles.

Tactical Jackets in Ranger Green [Brown Grey]

Wear one of these if you want to stay warm and dry when it’s pouring or freezing outside and you want to be able to stay focused on the task at hand. UF PRO Jackets are the top choice for operators needing protection from inhospitable weather around the globe.

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A staple colour for tactical operators. Distinguishes wearers from operators in other tactical units while at the same time compelling respect for authority.

Steel Grey

One of the newest colours used in the tactical community, Steel Grey compliments grey elements (concrete, for example) that dominate in urban environments.

Coyote Brown

This is the colour most widely recognized throughout the tactical community for ops in hot, arid environments.

Navy Blue

Police, medics, and other specialized tactical operators prefer to work in this colour because its snappiness is well-suited to the crisp, professional image they want to project.