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MultiCam Tropic Striker BDU

Developed to provide effective visual and near-IR signature masking, MultiCam Tropic is right at home in jungle environments. Subscribe to stay updated.*

Already available

P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts

You won’t want to wear any other shorts this summer except these. Featuring the new, maximum-comfort Waist/Flex system and breathable materials that make you feel great while the heat is on.

Striker ULT Combat Pants

Very low-weight, amazingly breathable, and excelling in extreme high-temperature environments, Striker ULT Combat Pants are our upcoming addition to our industry-leading Striker range.

Striker X Combat Shirt

Designed and built to withstand the kind of punishment only the military can dish out. The torso is constructed with a fast-drying, no-melt/no-drip, ceramic-dot material that offers extra abrasion-resistance. The chest and sleeves employ the new lightweight and breathable NyCo Extreme. 

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