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UF PRO tactical gear in Vegetato camouflage.

Vegetato (also known as “mimetico vegetata”) is the current active camouflage of the Italian army (Esercito). Paired with UF PRO tactical gear, it’s best-suited for use in Mediterranean, arid, and subtropical environments.

Quick facts about Vegetato camouflage:

  • Mottled fractal pattern with a khaki base; elements in the colours chocolate brown, russet, and olive green.
  • Performs best in Mediterranean, arid, and subtropical environments.
  • Effective at distances near and far (thanks to its multiscale pattern).
  • Actively used by the Italian armed forces since 2001.
  • Variations include desert (mimetico Vegetata deserto), VegeCam (a MultiCam colour scheme), and one in blue developed for Italian Navy Special Forces units (COMSUBIN).


Which camouflage did Vegetato replace?

Vegetato replaced mimetico Roma 90, the pattern that was first used in 1990. Mimetico Roma 90 was influenced by the United States’ m81 woodland pattern, but modified for Mediterranean landscapes.

When was Vegetato introduced?

Vegetato was introduced in 2004. It soon became the active camouflage for Italy’s armed forces.

What type of camouflage is Vegetato?

Vegetato is a fractal multiscale pattern. Fractal multiscaling means the pattern repeats itself on small and large scales, thereby providing concealment at distances near and far (since objects with different fractal dimensions are more difficult for human eyes to detect).

Who uses Vegetato?

Vegetato woodland is currently the active camouflage pattern for the Italian army (Esercito). That nation’s Navy Special Forces (COMSUBIN) use the same Vegetato pattern but with a desert and blue variation.

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