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UF PRO tactical gear in CCE camouflage.

CCE camouflage—or Camouflage Europe Centrale (CEC)—is the pattern adopted by French armed forces. It is acclaimed for its performance in woodland European environments, where the background consists of primarily green and brown elements.

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Quick facts about CCE camouflage:

  • Consists of a tan background with larger macro- and midi-elements of woodland shapes in brown and green.
  • Performs best in woodland landscapes (optimal performance in dense European forests).
  • Optimal effectiveness at medium-to-long distances.
  • Inspired by the U.S. Woodland pattern.
  • Actively used by French armed forces since 1994.


What is CCE Camouflage?

CCE camouflage is the concealment system developed by France for its armed forces. It’s also known as CEC, short for Camouflage Europe Centrale. 

Which camouflage did the CCE replace?

CCE camouflage replaced the French TAP 47 and Khaki F2 patterns. CCE camouflage also has been adopted by Austria (that nation’s Stabilisation Force used it for operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Another adopter of CCE camouflage is India.

When was CCE introduced?

The CCE camouflage pattern was introduced in 1991. Three years later, it became the official operational camouflage of France’s armed forces.

Why was CCE developed?

CCE was developed as a replacement for the TAP47 pattern (also known as Lizard camouflage). TAP47 had been in use since 1947. It was a good concealment system, but CCE camouflage was designed to be superior for use in European forests.

Who uses CCE?

The CCE camouflage pattern is currently used by the armed forces of France and India.

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