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UF PRO MultiCam Black Tactical Gear.

Designed to meet the unique requirements of top-tier law enforcement and military units. It helps distinguish operators and project their authoritative presence in any high-threat tactical situation. With the unique material features like the near-IR protection, the MultiCam Black pattern is one of the elite members of best camouflage patterns.

Pattern’s characteristics

  • Works in low-light situations 
  • Complements uniformed officers’ existing equipment
  • Basic colouration is black accented with tan and green
  • Fabric reduces wearer’s near-IR signature
  • Incorporates tried-and-tested MultiCam shapes geometry 
  • Black colour propagates perceived psychological shock

Get more intel about MultiCam Black

What colours make up MultiCam Black?

The pattern’s distinctive large and small geometrical shapes are composed of colours that can be  divided into two groups. The large shapes are black and dark green while the small shapes are brown over a dark grey background. This diversity of colors enables MultiCam Black to easily complement the existing equipment of SF law enforcement units.

When did SF law enforcement units start using tactical gear in black?

The first big use of black occurred in the spring of 1980 when members of Britain's Special Air Service conducted Operation Nimrod, an assault on the besieged Iranian embassy in London. A half-dozen terrorists had taken hostages and the SAS operators chose to clad themselves in black to look intimidating as well as to make themselves easily identifiable among their fellow rescuers. The western Special Forces community picked up on  this and made black standard wear for hostage rescue missions.

Who uses MultiCam Black?

Mostly top-tier military and law enforcement units that need to distinguish themselves from other units and/or that want to strike fear. MultiCam Black is particularly effective at creating an additional “surprise” effect that heavily messes with an opponent’s mind.

Why not just use plain black tactical gear? Why use MultiCam Black?

MultiCam Black does a better job of keeping you out of sight until you’re actually ready to be seen. Plain black does not visually break-up the uniformity of your body shape the way the large-and-small, variably coloured patterns of MultiCam do. Nor does plain black offer better concealment from hostiles using NVGs. High-tech methods (like NVE), low-tech methods (like flashlights), and even natural phenomenon (like the moon coming out) can instantly render an all-black uniform unusable in tactical scenarios.

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Striker XT gen.2 combat shirt

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The United States Army’s official camouflage pattern in Afghanistan, and adopted by armed forces around the world. Ideal for use in an impressively wide range of locations, situations, and conditions. Its high-tech pattern shapes and sizes work hand-in-glove with a unique color profile (shades of brown, green, and tan) to disrupt your visual traces and near-IR signature.


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