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Striker X Combat Shirt

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Striker X Combat Shirt

Striker X Combat Shirt

Best-in-class comfort paired with extreme ruggedness. No-melt/no-drip construction and reliable elbow protection. » More info


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Striker X Combat Shirt.

Best-in-class comfort paired with extreme ruggedness for military operatives. No-melt/no-drip construction. Reliable protection for elbows.

Lizard/Skin torso material.

The high-stretch, abrasion-resistant, no-melt/no-drip torso material from which the Striker X Combat Shirt is made guarantees extreme comfort and long-lasting performance, not to mention excellent drying speed and uncompromising durability. The Lizard/Skin torso material is based on a Lyocell/polyamide-knitted fabric reinforced with ceramic dots for excellent abrasion resistance.

Resists abrasion and peeling.

The knitted torso fabric is reinforced with ceramic dots. The result is exceptional resistance against abrasion from plate carriers.

No-melt/no-drip performance at its best.

The Lizard/Skin torso material is based on a Lyocell/polyamide-knitted fabric. From it comes the material’s no-melt-no-drip properties.

Breathable & fast drying.

All-day wear comfort thanks to the material’s breathability and fast drying even when the shirt gets wet.

NyCo Extreme sleeve & upper torso material.

This combat shirt’s sleeves are made from no-melt/no-drip ripstop fabric that endows the garment with low weight, high breathability, and fast-dry capability.

No more hip irritations.

Breathable and air-permeable padding is found in the pelvic crest area of the Striker X Combat Shirt. This avoids hip-area discomfort, further adding to your overall comfort.

Efficient weight distribution.

In the shoulders are air/pac® pads. A full 8mm thick, these pads make it a lot easier to lug around a heavy plate carrier or backpack.

Regulate your body temperature more efficiently.

If you need to cool your body down in a hurry, simply open the ventilation strips along the upper arms. If you need to heat your body back up, do the opposite—close the vents.

3-level collar closure.

Easily configurable Velcro closure system allows you to adjust your collar to preference. You can leave it fully open to circulate extra air, or you can close it all the way for combat-readiness, or you can go halfway open if the situation requires you to above all look your best.

Level 1

Fully open allows more air to circulate inside.

Level 2

Partially open is for off-duty casual encounters when appearance counts.

Level 3

Fully closed and you’re ready for combat or to battle the weather when it turns against you.

Comfortable, reliable protection for elbows.

UF PRO Flex-Elbow Pads fit perfectly in the shirt’s anatomically shaped elbow pockets. Thanks to these pockets, your comfort is maximised and you’re able to avoid damaging the joint between your upper and lower arms.


Is the Striker X Combat Shirt no-melt-no-drip?

Yes. The Striker X Combat Shirt is designed to conform to the strict no-melt/no-drip standards of most military units.

What material is the Striker X Combat Shirt made from?

Our Striker X Combat shirt is made mainly from two materials: 

  1. Lizard/Skin torso material. This is a high-stretch, abrasion-resistant material that delivers extreme comfort plus incredible durability. It’s based on a no-melt/no-drip Lyocell/polyamide-knitted fabric, which we reinforced with ceramic dots to increase its abrasion resistance;
  2. NyCo Extreme fabric. It’s extremely lightweight and exceptionally strong.

Overall construction of the shirt is no-melt/no-drip.

What temperature range is the Striker X Combat Shirt designed for?

The temperature ranges correspond to your level of activity and to the environment in which you are operating. The Striker X is designed to keep you comfortable in moderate to high temperatures thanks to it’s lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials.

What kind of elbow protection can I use with the Striker X Combat Shirt?

Our UF PRO Flex-Elbow Pads work best with the Striker X Combat Shirt. UF PRO Flex-Elbow pads are sold separately.

Which Combat Pants go best with the Striker X Combat Shirt?

The torso design of the Striker X lets this combat shirt combine flawlessly with Striker X Combat Pants.

What is the difference between the Striker X and the Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Shirts?

The Striker X Combat Shirt is expressly tailored for military operatives. The shirt has no-melt/no-drip properties, a collar designed to minimize secondary fragmentation risks, and additional padding in the area of the pelvic crest.


  • 3-level collar closure made with Velcro
  • air/pac® shoulder inserts
  • 2 upper-arm pockets with Velcro area, pen pocket, and additional easy-open strap
  • Chest-area Velcro strips to hold name tags
  • UF PRO Elbow Pad-ready slide-in pockets 
  • Padding in the area of the hips
  • Abrasion-resistant Lizard/Skin torso material
  • Adjustable sleeve width
  • Ergonomic, easy-rollup sleeves


  • NyCo Extreme Ripstop: 57% Nylon, 43% Cotton
  • Lizard/Skin: Lyocell and polyamide fabric reinforced with ceramic dots


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