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UF PRO tactical gear in MultiCam Tropic.

MultiCam Tropic is the optimal camouflage pattern for tropical environments, where staying out of sight depends on how closely the predominant colours and shapes of your concealment system mimic those of the surrounding green and darkly lush vegetation.

MultiCam Tropic: Pattern Characteristics

  • Designed as a predominantly green colour scheme with elements of olive, bright green, green, dark brown, dark green, and tan.
  • Reduced near-IR signature
  • Effective at close and long ranges
  • Performs best in woodland and jungle landscapes
  • Works with gear in existing MultiCam patterns


What is Multicam Tropic?

MultiCam Tropic is a camouflage pattern developed as a variation of MultiCam for use in tropical environments.

Is MultiCam Tropic a digital pattern?

Yes. MultiCam Tropic—a variation of the original MultiCam pattern—is made with the help of computer digitisation.

What colours make up MultiCam Tropic?

MultiCam Tropic is a predominantly green colour scheme with elements of olive, bright green, green, dark brown, dark green, and tan.

MultiCam Tropic Palette

Image source: color-hex.com

What color plate carrier with MultiCam Tropic?

Gear in either Ranger Green or the base version of MultiCam will work with your BDU in MultiCam Tropic. MultiCam overlaps and complements MultiCam Tropic, making both perform better if used together.

When was MultiCam Tropic introduced?

MultiCam Tropic was introduced in 2013 alongside MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Alpine, and MultiCam Black.

Why was MultiCam Tropic developed?

MultiCam Tropic was invented to complement base MultiCam’s lack of effectiveness in woodland and tropical environments. You can read more about the pattern’s effectiveness here.

MultiCam Tropic Graph

Image source: multicampattern.com

As shown in the image above, MultiCam Tropic extends regular MultiCam’s effectiveness and works optimally in tropic environments.

Who uses MultiCam Tropic?

Currently, no units are listed as having made MultiCam Tropic their official camouflage pattern. However, the U.S. Special Forces use it in deployments to tropical regions.

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