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UF PRO Tactical Gear in SloCam

SloCam. Recognised as one of the best on the market. You’ll look hard to see a camouflage pattern better-suited than this one for concealment in a wide range of vegetation types. The characteristic shape of its pattern maintains visual disruption even at longer distances. Paired with other outstanding UF PRO gear, SloCam stands as the optimal system for dense-vegetation environments.

Characteristics of this Pattern

  • Five-colour mix
  • Primary colours: Bottle Green, Light Green, and Earth Brown
  • Secondary colours: Dark Brown and near-beige Light Stone
  • A superior blending of the wearer within the surrounding environment thanks to the incorporation of a very light shade in the overall colour configuration (which better reflects the general terrain/foliage colour)
  • Exceptional performance when combined with gear in Coyote/Tan colour

Need more intel about SloCam?

When was SloCam first introduced?

When Slovenia broke away from Yugoslavia in 1991, one of the first things the newly independent country did was redesign its battle dress uniform. Up until that time, the military in Slovenia wore BDUs in Yugoslav M87, a mimetic oakleaf pattern. This was replaced by Slovenia’s own version of Yugolsav M87, which it called M91 and which consisted of a slightly different colour scheme (there was also an adaptation rolled out in 2005 for use in desert environments, such as those in Afghanistan).

SloCam—short for Slovenia Camouflage and today officially known as M12—was introduced in 2012-13. Initially it was used by NATO-partnered Special Operations Forces. A short time later it became standard-issue for the Slovenian army.

Are MultiCam and SloCam related?

If you compare them side-by-side, it’s fairly obvious that SloCam and Multicam have little in common other than the distinctive shapes of the pattern—the drawing style, in other words. Slocam uses mainly Macro and Midi elements.In a direct comparison with MultiCam you can find the shadings and transitions between the colors as Crye produced them with MultiCam, but you do not find them as often.

Featured gear

Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Pants

Thorny bushes and uneven rocky terrain. The Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Pants are right at home in these and other conditions known for being brutal to legs. Durable materials give the Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Pants plenty of resiliency. Plus smartly incorporated stretch panels for extreme freedom of movement when it’s time to duck, kneel, or run. Worried about your knees? Don't be. The modular 3-layer knee-protection system lets you choose your level of protection to shield your knees from the harm you face at that moment.

Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Shirt

Ops in dense vegetation can heat you up quickly and cause you to sweat profusely. This combat shirt dries fast when you perspire. The pocket is configured for maximum functonality, so your gear can stay within hands’ reach. Reliable protection for your elbows gives you a huge advantage as you crawl through dense vegetation. But what really sets the Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Shirt apart? Comfort. It feels great to wear.

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The United States Army’s official camouflage pattern in Afghanistan, and adopted by armed forces around the world. Ideal for use in an impressively wide range of locations, situations, and conditions. Its high-tech pattern shapes and sizes work hand-in-glove with a unique color profile (shades of brown, green, and tan) to disrupt your visual traces and near-IR signature.


This Multicam black pattern shows up a lot in the tactical apparel worn by police and military special-forces teams. Well, shows up might not be the best choice of words because this camo pattern does the exact opposite of show up if worn during night operations—then you’re as close to invisible as you can get. Mainly, though, you wear Multicam black to project authority.


CONCAMO is short for “confusion camouflage.” Produces 60 layers of perceivable depth from just 8 colours arrayed in a scientifically configured pattern of shapes and shades. Works so well at tricking your brain into not seeing what's there that you'll have no confusion at all about choosing it for your next op in forests, grassy plains, mountain terrain, arid zones, villages, or cities.


Consists of a complex combination of small and large pixelated shapes in stalk grey, shadow brown, grass green, and hay brown that merge to create the illusion of shading and additional colour tones. Effectively deceives the eye even at close range. Works especially well in verdant woodland and forest terrains; also in open temperate grassland meadows.