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Delta ComPac Tactical Winter Jacket

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Delta ComPac Tactical Winter Jacket

Delta ComPac Tactical Winter Jacket

Feather-light, packable and reliable cold weather protection. » More info


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Delta ComPac Tactical Winter Jacket

The feather-light Delta ComPac Jacket offers reliable protection in cold weather and can easily be packed away within itself so that you can keep it with you at all times.

Always with you—and ready—just in case.

The Delta ComPac Jacket can be compressed into its inner pocket, much like modern sleeping bags are designed to do. Packed away, the garment boasts an exceptionally small footprint. That makes it possible to always keep the jacket handy in a corner of your backpack or in the boot of your car.

Highly compressible thermal insulation.

Lining the Delta ComPac Jacket throughout is G-Loft, an extraordinarily compressible thermal-insulation material that recovers quickly even after many repeated compressings. And since G-Loft is a syntactic fibre, it keeps on insulating you no matter if rain or snow gets it wet.

Keep an unhindered view in stormy conditions

The jacket features our unique, remarkably comfortable and fully detachable Hood/Harness system, which ensures you an unobstructed view as you raise, lower, and swivel your hooded head to see what’s going on around you. In case of strong winds, you can additionally fix the hood into position with width regulators.

Windproof & water-repellent outer shell.

At home in extreme cold weather, this jacket’s face fabric protects you against cold winds and heavy snowfall.

Pocket configuration

Large inner pocket for packing the jacket

Insulated pockets for your hands

Velcro cover with pen pocket

Additional features

Waist adjusters

Elastic cuffs


What temperatures is the Delta ComPac suitable for?

Delta ComPac Jacket is suitable for temperatures up to -10 degrees celsius. It is designed for a thermal insulation layer that’s easily carried with you at all times.

Is the Delta ComPac Jacket waterproof?

The Delta ComPac Jacket is designed for winter conditions, like snowfall and cold winter air. For that reason the face fabric is constructed as water-repellant and windproof, which allows you to retain comfort and stay protected against the elements.

How large is the bag once packed up with the jacket?

The jacket—compressed and stowed in its inner pocket—takes up a space of just 30 cm by 15 cm by 5 cm (2.25 liters). Expressed in the English measurement system, that works out to 10 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches (0.5 liquid gallons).


  • Windproof & water-repellent
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • 110g/m2 G-Loft thermal insulation
  • 2 hand pockets (both in front)
  • Inner pocket for stowing the jacket
  • Fleece-lined collar
  • Upper-arm Velcro areas with pen pocket
  • Insulated hood plus detachable UF PRO Hood/Harness system
  • Waist adjusters
  • Elastic cuffs



  • face material 100% Polyamide


  • 100% Polyester


  • 100% Polyester 110 g/m2 G-LOFT®


0,85 kg (size L)

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