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Solid Knee Pads

Gear up

Solid Knee Pads

Solid Knee Pads

Flexible- Penetration Resistant- Comfortable- Efficient Protection. » More info
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The UF PRO® Solid-Pads can be worn together with the UF PRO® Flex-Pads or stand-alone.

They are flexible, halogen-free, flame-resistant and are characterized by a very good hydrolysis and low temperature resistance. Therefore they provide a reliable protection against penetration of sharp and edged objects.

Besides their reliable penetration resistance, the Solid-Pads also provide excellent wear comfort. They can therefore be comfortably worn at all times, which contributes significantly to their efficient protection properties.

The pads come in pair.


  • Flexible
  • Halogen-free
  • Flame-resistant
  • Very good hydrolysis
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Reliable protection against penetration of sharp and edged objects
  • Lightweight


  • 100% thermoplastic Polyether-Polyurethane compound


81 g (1 protector)

*Download the EU Declaration of Conformity here.

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