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Striker ULT Combat Pants

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Striker ULT Combat Pants

Striker ULT Combat Pants

Superbly lightweight combat pants designed for ultimate performance in hot and temperate climates. » More info


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Striker ULT Combat Pants.

Designed from the ground up to be remarkably light in weight and to deliver outstanding performance. These combat pants excel in both hot and temperate climates, making them the ideal choice whether your mission takes you to the sun-scorched desert, the steaming jungle environments, or the dense forests of Europe.


Tan and MultiCam® Black are the newest Striker ULT Combat Pants colours. The addition of these new colours gives you more options when you need to blend in with sun-scorched desert terrain or to launch a surprise strike in high-threat situations.

Tailor-made for your waist.

The first time you put on your Striker ULT Combat Pants, you’ll right away notice how incredible the fit is at the waist. Credit for that goes to our new Waist/Flex system. It connects the pants to your waist and comfortably keeps them there as if they were a part of your body. No drooping or annoying folds even when fully loaded with gear. Maximising comfort and minimising the potential for skin chafing or blistering if you have to stay in your pants a very long time.

Side stretch-panels.

The Waist/Flex system includes side stretch-inserts that adapt to the width of your hips for a perfect fit when you move, kneel, or sit. Made of Schoeller stretch fabric, the panels also eliminate hip-bone-rubbing folds—meaning virtually no chance of you ending up with irritated or blistered skin there.

Breathable 3D lower-back pad.

The 3D pad hugs the curvature of your lower back to fill the gap between your body and the pants’ waistline. This gives you a sturdier, more secure fit—the pants stay right in place and don’t slip down.

Integrated underbelt.

No more switching your underbelt when changing from one pair of combat pants to another. The Striker ULT comes with its own underbelt, delivering maximum comfort and perfect fit every time.

Reinforced belt buckle.

A stiff, durable buckle keeps clips optimally positioned straight up and down so they can’t turn sideways. To prevent the buckle itself from shifting upward, an inside cutout connects with the Canadian button above the zipper.

Feather light and breathable material mix.

The Striker ULT Combat Pants are a performance beast thanks to the smart materials used in their construction. By relying on a combination of top-class materials throughout, we’ve produced a pair of combat pants that offers durability as well as outstanding comfort.

NyCo Extreme Ripstop

NyCo Extreme fabric has just the right set of properties for extreme hot weather. It has 3-times better tear-resistance, 10-times better breathability, and dries 35% faster than the current U.S. Mil-Spec for NyCo fabric. All that while shaving 17% off the weight.

Schoeller-dynamic stretch

Thanks to Schoeller-dynamic stretch material, these pants have super-durable and extremely longlasting elasticity in all the right places. This gives you the freedom to move without feeling restricted or bound up. And it contributes to a perfect anatomic fit that will continue performing after years of use and countless washings.

CORDURA® 500 Denier

Strategically incorporated abrasion-resistant CORDURA® fabric puts an end to your worries about friction damage. Reinforced knees prevent tearing while you’re kneeling or crawling. And additional reinforcements on the belt loops and buckle work perfectly with your other gear.

Battle-proven knee-protection system.

Built right into our Striker ULT Combat Pants is a triple-layer knee-protection system. It allows you to increase or decrease the shielding you give your knees based on your situational needs. If desired, you can wear these pants without any knee pads at all. Or you can opt for maximised protection against impacts and sharp objects. The width of the knees adjusts, permitting you to finely calibrate the pants to the shape of your body.

Cooling airflow when you need it most.

There’ll be times when the mercury rises so high that the NyCo Extreme material needs extra help keeping you cool. So we designed our Striker ULT Combat Pants with vents in the side pockets. Open them up and you’ll let in a refreshing flow of air to increase your comfort on those otherwise unbearably hot days and nights. 

Want still more relief from the heat? You can draw extra airflow from the hand pockets—we’ve constructed them with mesh. Also, there are openable vents in the lower sections of each leg. Don’t worry if you start to sweat even with the additional airflow because the inside knees are lined with super moisture-absorbing and -evaporating 37.5™ Technology material.

Side pocket vents

Lower leg vents

Ultra-large side pockets.

The side pockets are oversized to maximise the amount of essential gear you can carry. To prevent items from bouncing around inside as you run, jump, duck, or dodge, we’ve outfitted each side pocket with an interior bungee cord plus additional elastic bands. On top of that, the pockets have a sealable flap secured with Canadian rubber buttons. The side pockets also have a vertical zipper that makes it convenient to retrieve gear even while you’re kneeling. And if you prefer pocket closures of Velcro rather than buttons, the pants come with a kit that lets you easily swap one for the other.

Bottom hem stays where it’s supposed to.

Affixed to the bottom of each leg are boot hooks. When you connect the laces of your boots to these hooks, your Striker ULT Combat Pants stay put. No rising up along your legs as you walk, sit, kneel, run, or crawl.


What kind of knee pads can I wear with the Striker ULT?

You can choose either our 3D Tactical Knee Pads (for impact protection/extra cushioning) or our Solid Pads (for protection against sharp objects).

Do the knee pads come with the Striker ULT Combat Pants?

UF PRO 3D Tactical and Solid pads are sold separately.

How durable is the stretch material integrated into the Striker ULT?

Exceptionally durable. We use Schoeller-dynamic® stretch material, one of the toughest and best-performing stretch textiles on the market. Get more intel here.

What kind of fit do Striker ULT Combat Pants come in?

They come in a normal cut, just like your regular jeans. By combining different types of materials, we’re able to build into these tactical pants all of the most frequently demanded features (such as knee pads and spacious pockets) without compromising freedom of movement.

What are the temperature ranges Striker ULT Combat Pants are designed for?

Lightweight, breathable Striker ULT Combat Pants are designed for use in extremely warm temperatures. They are suitable for hot, dry deserts and steaming wet tropics, but also for the moderate climates of Europe.

Are Striker ULT Combat Pants No-Melt/No-Drip?

The construction and used materials are compliant with most government organizations' NMND requirements.


  • UF PRO Waist/Flex system
  • CORDURA® reinforced belt loops
  • Double fly zip-and-hook & button closures
  • Anti-slip ribbon at rear of waist
  • Scholler-dynamic® stretch inserts in knees and buttocks
  • NyCo Extreme ripstop material
  • Hand pockets with ventilation mesh & extra knife-pocket
  • Concealed safety pocket
  • Big side pockets with button closure, integrated interior elastic loops & upper-edge elastic retention strap
  • Multipurpose upper-thigh pocket with mosquito mesh-covered vents plus pocket- and vertical-access to side pocket
  • Kneepad pockets lined with 37.5™ Technology material
  • Additional pocket for UF PRO Solid Knee Pads
  • CORDURA® reinforced knees
  • Knee-width adjusters
  • Lower-leg elastic width adjusters
  • Lower-leg mosquito mesh-covered vents
  • Boot hooks


  • 57% Nylon, 43% Cotton Ripstop (NyCo Extreme Ripstop)
  • schoeller®-dynamic: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
  • 100% Polyamide CORDURA®


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