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Now available. MultiCam Low Temperature line.

Gear up with the AcE Winter Combat Shirt & Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket.

This is the next generation of tactical pants.

P-40 Classic Gen.2 Tactical Pants

Lightweight and extremely comfortable tactical pants. Great for wearing ‘round-the-clock.

P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Tactical Pants

Boasting the extreme comfort that made the P-40 lineup famous, these tactical pants are built with the robust durability it takes to withstand plenty of daily punishment.

Optimal gear for cooler and damp environments.

Tactical Rain Jackets.

100% waterproof. Extreme reliability plus outstanding features. The right choice for heavy rain conditions.

Tactical Softshell Jackets.

Versatile protection against constantly changing weather conditions.

Tactical Winter Jackets.

Top-ranking thermal-insulation jackets for any activity level. Right at home in sub-zero temperatures.


Where is UF PRO located?

We’re located in Slovenia, Europe.

Where are UF PRO garments made?

We design and manufacture our tactical gear in Europe.

How long does it take for you to ship my order?

We ship within a day of receiving your order, but shipping time depends on your country. Find out more about shipping times here.

What if I ordered the wrong size or don’t like the product?

No problem. We have a free 30-day returns policy, so you can send your purchase back for a refund without any additional cost.

What if my product gets damaged after a while?

No worries, we offer a 2-year warranty on all our gear.

Watch UF PRO gear in action.

Get the intel from tactical-community experts and expand your knowledge in fields like CQB, Combat Medicine, and Tactical Shooting.