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The new MultiCam low temperature line

Operating in sub-zero environments exposes you to icy winds, drizzling rain, and snow. Only a smart, functional fabric can give you the protection you really need in such conditions—a fabric like our new MultiCam lineup is built from. Extreme protection in extreme weather at extreme low temperatures.

Not your ordinary MultiCam fabric.

It looks like any other MultiCam fabric. But let us assure you, it isn’t. A soft-to-the-touch texturised nylon outer layer. A highly breathable membrane interior. Together they form a 100% windproof and highly water-repellant face-fabric that helps keep you comfortable during the bone-chillingest cold-weather operations.

Incredibly silent while you’re on the move.

This next-generation MultiCam fabric lets us really quiet-down the garments we make from it. Before, when you walked or ran, there’d be a signature hard-laminate rustling sound coming from your tactical jacket. Not now. Thanks to this new soft fabric, you can gear up in extreme cold-weather garments no more audible than a combat shirt—that’s how much the new MultiCam fabric reduces your in-motion noise footprint.

Abrasion resistant ventilation panels

Highly durable nylon face fabric

Abrasion resistant ventilation side panels

Highly durable nylon face fabric

Abrasion resistant. Built for heavy duty use.

The nylon-based face-fabric provides extreme durability and super-resistance to tearing, peeling, and friction. Add to that highly abrasion-resistant ventilation panels for maximum breathability. With this pairing, you’ve get optimal gear for high-intensity ops in cold weather.


What is the difference between the old MultiCam fabric and the new version?

The new MultiCam fabric is much softer than its predecessor. The new version is also more durable. These two characteristics allow us to design an overall lighter product.

But there are also similarities. The biggest is that the new MultiCam fabric—like the old—is laminated with a polyurethane membrane. This membrane gives the fabric its windproof and water-repellant properties.

Is the new MultiCam fabric more durable?

Yes. It resists peeling and damage from rubbing far better than the old MultiCam fabric. The new material also is more rugged and robust, so you can expect it to last longer.

Is the new MultiCam fabric more silent?

Yes. The new fabric is quieter than the previous generation. The reason it’s quieter is the softness.

Is the pattern on the fabric licenced as MultiCam?

Yes. Our range of cold-weather gear uses none but the genuine MultiCam pattern.

Which products are available in the new MultiCam fabric?

Our AcE Winter Combat Shirt, Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Tactical Jacket, and Delta OL 3.0 Tactical Jacket—designed for ops in extremely cold weather—all come in the new MultiCam fabric.

Which MultiCam Low Temperature product is best for you?

Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket

One of our most versatile jackets. Protects against the elements, dries extremely fast, and offers a functionality-configured pocket design. Easily packs away in your backpack so you can keep it with you at all times.

AcE Winter Combat Shirt

This is the top-performing combat shirt for cold weather. It combines the comfort of a combat shirt with best-in-class protection against extreme cold. Designed to work with a backpack or a plate carrier.

Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket

Best suited for ops in extremely low temperatures that require you to engage in high physical activity. Thermal-insulating G-Loft filling in the sleeves and 37.5™ microfleece lining help you stay warm and abrasion resistant side panels keep you from overheating.

Delta OL 3.0 Tactical Winter Jacket

The ultimate winter jacket for those ops where you’ll be doing a lot of standing in one place, sitting, crouching, or laying for a long time in extreme cold temperatures, chilling wind, and snow.

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