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EDC Tactical Pants.

Experience unparalleled performance with UF PRO EDC Tactical Pants. Designed for everyday carry (EDC), these pants feature multiple pockets for all your essential gear and a flexible, ergonomic design that moves with you. Whether you’re in the field or on the go, you can trust that UF PRO EDC pants will offer exceptional durability, comfort, and functionality.

Your second skin for daily wear.

Thanks to the unique hybrid material design, these pants offer lasting comfort while maintaining durability. They feel like your second skin - they stretch as you move and stay in place through a full range of motion.

Discrete look, powerful capabilities.

UF PRO EDC Tactical Pants are designed to offer a low-profile look that doesn’t compromise on performance. With cleverly integrated pockets, reinforced seams, and advanced fabric technology, they provide the tactical advantages you need while maintaining a casual, everyday style.

Space for all your essentials.

With strategically placed pockets and smart design, you can discreetly and easily access your essential gear. From a spare magazine to a multi-tool or a phone, everything fits in. This design maximizes utility while maintaining a low profile.

Choose the perfect uf pro edc pants for you.

Whether maneuvering through urban environments or traversing rugged terrains, our EDC tactical pants offer unparalleled protection and versatility. These pants, tailored to your specific needs, combine tactical features with everyday styles, ensuring you're always prepared. They offer a blend of comfort, durability, and discretion for everyday use.

P-40 Blu-Flex Jeans.

These city style tactical pants offer the casual look of classic jeans while allowing a full range of movement and retaining the functionality of tactical pants.

P-40 Urban Gen.2 Pants.

Our lightest tactical pants offer comfort and mobility wrapped in a low-profile urban aesthetic, with strategically positioned pockets for secure gear storage.

P-40 All Terrain Gen.2 Pants.

These all-purpose tactical pants are reinforced for durability, and structured for mobility, blending the best features from both worlds, without standing out. For extra warmth, a Windstopper® liner can be added.

P-40 Ranger Shorts.

Designed for hot weather, these are our lightest shorts ever made. An ultra-lightweight and quick-drying fabric for maximum breathability and comfort. You won’t miss storage either.

P-40 Classic Gen.2 Pants.

They are a solid choice for those who desire durability in a classic form that allows a wide range of motion. With plenty of ultra-roomy pockets for your extra gear they ensure comfort throughout the day.

P-40 Gen.2 Shorts.

A winning combination of tough pants that can carry all the essentials you want in the hottest weather while still feeling comfortable to wear and maintaining a flawless fit.

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Clothes that fit look better than clothes that are baggy. But fashion isn’t the top goal at UF PRO. The top goal is clothing that works as hard as you do. Clothing that’s first for comfort and safety.



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