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P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants

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P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants

P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants

A streamlined and lightweight construction that offers unparalleled freedom of movement and comfort. » More info
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P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants

If you're looking for a pair of tactical pants that provide both functionality and a low-profile design, then the P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants are for you. A unique material mix, anatomic cut, reliable knee protection, and supreme comfort make these pants the obvious choice for the urban environments you operate in.

Shedding weight for enhanced comfort.

The streamlined design of the P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants makes them significantly lighter than the previous generation while maintaining the same level of comfort and mobility. Made for the perfect balance between blending in and maintaining functionality, these pants are a fusion of urban camouflage and functional design. The hybrid materials allow for unrestricted movement without sacrificing durability or protection. They are also compatible with our Detachable Waist/Flex Belt, ensuring all-day comfort and a secure fit.

Waist/Flex System Ready.

The P-40 Urban Gen.2 Pants are outfitted with strengthened loops, purpose-built to discreetly anchor the Detachable Waist/Flex Belt (not included).

Perfect fit in every detail.

The incorporation of lightweight and breathable stretch panels offers just the right level of waistline expansion, dynamically adjusting to your body shape.

Breathable 3D lower-back pad.

The strategically positioned 3D lower-back pad contours perfectly to your lumbar region, filling the gap between your body and the waistline of the pants, ensuring an even better, more secure fit.

Discreet yet reliable knee protection.

Our P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants are designed with a precise cut to securely hold knee protection in place, while remaining virtually unnoticeable and eliminating the need for straps or adjustments. Any knee protection thus stays put and is so comfortable you may even forget it's there.

Unrestricted movement, tougher than ever.

The streamlined design of the pants not only minimizes the chance of snagging or catching on obstacles, but also facilitates effortless movement. With the seamless integration of advanced stretch panels and a proprietary anatomic cut enhanced by the schoeller®-dynamic stretch material, you can experience freedom of movement like never before.



Convenient and secure storage.

Despite their discreet appearance, the P-40 Urban Gen.2 Pants are specifically designed to meet the demands of active duty. They feature two strategically positioned pockets with the Tuck-Lock System, ensuring that your essential gear remains secure. The unique V-shape of the pockets and the stretchy pocket lining contribute to the enhanced security of your items.

2x front pockets

2x Tuck-Lock pockets

2x back pockets


Canadian button closure

Belt loops

Compatible with the Windstopper® Liner


What is the difference between the P-40 Urban Tactical Pants and the P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants?

Compared to the previous generation, the P-40 Urban Gen.2 Tactical Pants come with the following new and improved features:

  • schoeller®-dynamic stretch side panels.
  • Double belt loops with press buttons.
  • 3D Lower back pad.
  • Detachable Waist/Flex Belt compatible.
  • Tuck-Lock pocket system moved to the back.
  • The use of no CORDURA® fabric means a lower weight and profile compared to Gen.1.

How do you insert the knee protection?

In the same way as with the P-40 Urban Tactical Pants: simply turn the legs inside out, find the knee pad pocket and insert the knee protection.

Are these pants compatible with the UF PRO Windstopper Liner?

Yes, they are.

How does the Detachable Waist/Flex Belt work?

The Detachable Waist/Flex Belt, sold separately, can be mounted through the designated belt loops that keep it securely in place.

Are there any CORDURA® reinforcements on these pants?

No, we have stripped the pants down to make them as light and streamlined as possible.


  • Detachable Waist/Flex Belt compatible (belt sold separately).
  • Canadian button closure.
  • Tuck-Lock pocket.
  • Stretch side panels.
  • 3D lower-back padding.
  • Streamlined design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Windstopper® Liner compatible.
  • UF PRO 3D Knee Pads compatible.


  • 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton Ripstop (PolyCo Ripstop)
  • schoeller®-dynamic: 91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane


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