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P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans

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P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans

P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans

A blend of high mobility and comfort with the inconspicuous styling of everyday jeans. » More info
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Blending covert comfort with style.

Crafted with a sleek dark indigo wash, the P-40 Blu-Flex Jeans boast a discreet yet stylish appearance offering functionality and urban aesthetics. They ensure a seamless transition from field operations to everyday activities, making you look sharp without compromising durability or comfort.

Not your regular denim pants.

Constructed from a blend of cotton and elastane, these jeans have a comfortable stretch fit that adapts to your movements, enhancing mobility and performance in the line of duty.

Enhanced comfort with the Blu/Flex Waist System.

Featuring an innovative 3D pad discreetly integrated into the lower back area, these jeans provide superior comfort and support, particularly during prolonged use.

Detachable Waist/Flex Belt.

For enhanced comfort and efficiency, these jeans are compatible with the Detachable Waist/Flex Belt (not included), offering easy integration with your existing gear.

Compatible with most belts.

The strategically positioned 3D lower-back pad contours perfectly to your lumbar region, filling the gap between your body and the waistline of the pants, ensuring an even better, more secure fit.

Discreet & reliable knee protection.

Compatible with UF PRO's 3D Tactical Knee Pads, these jeans offer reliable knee protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort. Ensuring unparalleled support and protection in demanding situations, while keeping discreet and under the radar.

Convenient and secure storage.

The P-40 Blu-Flex Jeans end the worry of losing your belongings while in the field, not only by giving a good choice of pockets for storing your items, but also by incorporating our innovative Tuck-Lock System in the back pockets. This advanced feature securely holds your items, ensuring safe storage and freedom of movement without compromising accessibility. Carry your essentials with confidence, knowing that they are secure, safe, and easily accessible whenever you need them.

2x front pockets

2x Tuck-Lock pockets

2x back pockets


The jeans are equipped with belt loops that have two snap-button holes and a durable Canadian button, adding extra reliability to your tactical wear.


What material are the P-40 Blu-Flex Jeans made of?

The jeans are made of a premium blend of cotton and elastane, ensuring a comfortable fit that adapts to your movements.

Are the jeans compatible with UF PRO 3D Tactical Knee Pads?

Yes, the jeans are designed to be compatible with UF PRO 3D Tactical Knee Pads, providing essential knee protection.

Can I attach a Detachable Waist/Flex Belt to the jeans?

Yes, the P-40 Blu-Flex Jeans are designed to be compatible with the Detachable Waist/Flex Belt, providing seamless integration with your gear.

Are the P-40 Blu-Flex Jeans suitable for everyday wear?

Absolutely – this is what they were designed for. The P-40 Blu-Flex Jeans combine functionality with the look and feel of regular jeans, so you can easily transition from field operations to city life.

Are my P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans too tight?

The pants are prewashed and initially feel tight around your body. However, with continued wear, they adjust to your form, providing a snug fit around the waist and hips. Despite slim fit, the pants remain stretchable, allowing freedom of movement.

Can I wash my P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans at temperatures higher than 40° C?

We advise against higher temperatures as they may cause the material to shrink significantly. This could alter the dimensions of the pants, resulting in a much tighter fit.

Can I put my P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans in the tumble dryer?

Yes on 40° C.

What if my P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans are fading in color and the fabric is showing signs of wear?

The pants are made out of cotton blend denim which is meant to fade in colour (with washing and wearing) and get the worn out classical jeans look.

Can I wear my favorite belt with P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans?



  • Blu-Flex Waist System (belt sold separately).
  • Canadian button closure.
  • Tuck-Lock pocket.
  • 3D lower-back padding.
  • Streamlined design.
  • UF PRO 3D Knee Pads compatible.


  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane prewashed denim


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