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Firearm Instructors Series

High-calibre instructors of the art and science of shooting talk about multiple topics with but one common goal—to make you a more efficient, more consistent shooter. Tune into our four-part video series and learn about overcoming shooter deficiencies, developing improved trigger control, handling recoil better, and making fast, clean transitions from weapon to weapon.

E1: Shooter deficiencies

Former LE/SWAT team member Mike Levy takes aim at the two most common shooter deficiencies—sight picture and sight alignment. You’ll learn how to overcome them so that you can always put the round exactly where you want.

E2: Trigger control & manipulation

Ronnie Jeffries is ex-Army infantry and a current SWAT team member who targets the basics of trigger control and manipulation. Learning these techniques will help you increase the precision of your shots.

E3: Recoil management

Former competitive shooter Paul Van Dunk blazes away at the topic of recoil management and shows you how the right grip, correct driving of the firearm, and proper tension on the handgun can help you better handle your weapon’s kickback.

Episode 4: Weapon transitions

Unholstering and drawing on his LE and military experience, Gerry Perez demonstrates the mechanics of consistently clean, swift transitioning from a primary to secondary weapon—in this presentation, going from a carbine to a handgun.

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Mike Levy

Mike is a certified law-enforcement range master and a Sig law-enforcement master instructor. He has 11 years of experience on a SWAT team. Mike is part of the team at Assault Dynamics.

Ronnie Jeffries

A former U.S. Army infantryman, Ronnie is an active SWAT team member and a highly qualified law-enforcement firearms instructor. He’s top-gun at Jeffries Firearms Training (and that’s in no small part due to him being its owner).

Paul Van Dunk

For this video series, Paul—an instructor and gunsmith who works with several big names in the firearms industry—brings his more than 15 years of experience as a competitive shooter. His day job is with Pace Performance and Consulting.

Gerry Perez

Gerry logged countless hours developing his proficiency with weapons as a member of the U.S. military and the Los Angeles Police Department. Today, he is a firearms instructor at Triple Feed.


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