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Basic Combatives Techniques.

No hypothetical scenarios. No bullshit. The Iron Infidel team puts the theories to the test in real-world self-defence situations. In this two-part video series, Alex Alderman (former SWAT team member), Matt Pech (former Green Beret), and Daniel Safarian (former UFC fighter) demonstrate basic hand-to-hand combat techniques and then use them in one-on-one combat situations.

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Episode 1: Takedown Techniques

Former UFC fighter Daniel Sarafian showcases various takedown techniques and clinch controls. After each demonstration, he puts theory into practice by going up against a former SWAT team member. It’s a reality check with no script—just full-on engagement. 

Episode 2: Fighting from Your Back

Having an opponent at your back is one of the most dangerous up-close combat situations you’ll ever find yourself facing. In this episode, Daniel Sarafian shows you the basic techniques for fighting from this high-vulnerability position. Afterward, he’ll square off against a former Green Beret in an all-out fight.

About Iron Infidel

Alex Alderman

Ex-law enforcement and SWAT operator. Twelve years of field experience. Co-founder of Iron Infidel. Now an avid promoter of LE training. Keen about pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Matt Pech

Former Green Beret with a master’s degree in public policy. Currently, a worldwide freedom fighter. Passionate about protecting the community, preserving mental health, and training LE operatives in hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Daniel Sarafian

Started his training in martial arts at the age of five and is currently a holder of a Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Entered the UFC fighting arena in 2012. Retired with an 11-6 record.


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