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UF PRO Tactical Gear in Steel Grey

Steel Grey is among the newest colours used by operators. BDUs in Steel Grey compliment grey elements such as concrete, which helps operators keep a low profile in crowded urban environments.

Why Steel Grey?

  • Effective in urban environments
  • Enables operators to be visually subdued, blend in with the crowd
  • Pale grey effectively undetectable beyond a 40-degree field of view
  • Color matches those of surrounding elements

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How come Grey is less detectable by human vision?

University of Liverpool Orthoptics Department chair Gail Stephenson in 1996 attended a football game where one team wore grey uniforms. She noticed it was hard to see that team’s players and realized it was because of the colour of their kit. This inspired her to conduct research in a bid to explain the phenomenon. Stephenson’s experiments with peripheral vision revealed that bright reds were usually detectable within a 120-degree field of view, whereas pale grey was detectable only inside a 40-degree field of view.

Is Grey the new Black for operators?

No. Uniforms in Grey are intended for purposes different from uniforms in Black. Operators who want a low profile in urban environments use Grey because it helps prevent them from standing out. The opposite is true for operators who wear Black—they usually want to stand out and, at the same time, project authority while also instilling fear. Grey has dominated the tactical industry for a few years now, and the idea that it can damp down in low light conditions better than Black goes all the way back to World War II.

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