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Our Team CQB series emphasizes the fundamentals of tactics and techniques, team roles, movement, and formations for successful team coordination in entering and clearing buildings of threats. Flawless team work is necessary to dominate such high-risk, fast-paced environments. In this series, Kawa Mawlayee, an ex-Green Beret and founder of the 2Alpha Training Group, and his team take you through the basic concepts of team closed-quarters combat techniques.


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Episode 1: Introduction to basics of Team CQB

Team CQB is like a game of angles and flow within the team in order to lock down angles and fill gaps and spaces. From gaining access and making entry, to securing the space and moving to adjoining spaces. Demonstrating live runs commonly practiced in special operations units for newcomers, thus setting the foundation for more advanced techniques.

Episode 2: Center-fed & corner-fed open door room

In a two-or four-man team stack, each member has a specific role in all three stages of the operation, including activities on approach, entry, and inside the structure. This goes beyond individual actions, with an emphasis on information gathering, timing, communication, decision-making, and responsibilities.

Episode 3: Split stacking, priorities of work, opposing threats, exiting rooms

The approach of splitting teams into stacks is used to prioritize tasks to effectively respond to threats, and successfully exit a room. The framework used for eliminating threats goes from neutralizing known threats, ensuring that survivors pose no threat, uncovering any hidden threats in the room structures, and marking cleared rooms based on SOP for subsequent teams.

Episode 4: Clearing hallways and intersections

Hallways are the most dangerous place to be — choke points with nowhere to hide. They pose a risk not only because teams are exposed to potential fire with bullets travelling down the walls, but also because they lead to both closed and open-door rooms and intersections where threats may lurk. Speed is crucial, but how should a team of four be organized to negotiate the threats they’ll face?

Episode 5: Demoing segmented room assessment and exiting the structure

Applying the concepts and skills-sets of Team CQB is just the beginning, as it’s important to practice with your team to achieve cohesion. In this episode we demonstrate a few selected methods for segmented room assessment and exiting structures, and while various police and military teams may use different ones, all are based on the same principles, with security being paramount.


Kawa Mawlayee, founder of 2Alpha Training Group, brings 21+ years of military and Special Ops experience to his training. From deployments in the Middle East to instructing elite Green Berets at SFAUC, Kawa excels in firearms, tactics, and close quarters battle (CQB). His passion lies in teaching not just shooting, but threat assessment, structural analysis, and takedowns.

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