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AcE Winter Combat Shirt

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AcE Winter Combat Shirt

Model is being discontinued. New generation is available. Check it out

AcE Winter Combat Shirt

Model is being discontinued. New generation is available. Check it out
245€ 171.50€
The ideal winter combat shirt. Keeps you optimally comfortable when you’re active in extreme cold environments, so you can focus on your objective. » More info


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Price: 245€ 171.50€

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The Combat Shirt For Cold Weather.

You feel cold. So you layer up. Then you start to sweat. Result: your wet clothes freeze. Sound familiar? Our AcE Winter Combat Shirt makes this problem a thing of the past. The AcE Winter Combat Shirt’s design features a complex hybrid structure that keeps you within optimal temperature ranges while also protecting you against the elements. And it works together with your other gear—all so you can focus on what really matters.

High Performance Thermal Insulation—exactly Where You Need It.

Your arms are the most exposed part of your torso, so we’ve integrated a high-performance thermal lining called G-LOFT® into the sleeves of our AcE Winter Combat Shirt. Lightweight and breathable, G-LOFT® performs even when wet. Built-in air/pac® inserts for the shoulder and upper back provide extra comfort and protection. Closing the AcE Winter Combat Shirt’s ventilation openings allows the air/pac® inserts to trap air and provide additional insulation.

The breathable outer fabric layer of our AcE Winter Combat Shirt is windproof and water-repellent. So it keeps you from overheating while at the same time it protects you against snow, drizzle and wind.

Cordura Reinforced Elbows.

Elbows are subjected to some of the worst abuse in the field, so we’ve woven CORDURA® reinforcements into our AcE Winter Combat Shirt to make its elbow areas extra robust.

Keeps You Warm Without Overheating.

The AcE Winter Combat Shirt is built for hard-core activities in very cold outdoor conditions. The main task of its special hybrid design structure is to keep your body at just the right temperature – not freezing and not overheating.


Wear the tough-as-nails AcE Winter Combat Shirt as a standalone or together with other gear, like plate carriers, backpacks or even additional hard shells and thermal jackets.

Comfortably Layer-up With An Angle Zipper.

An angled front zipper improves our AcE Winter Combat Shirt’s compatibility with additional layers. Wear the shirt under a hardshell jacket or additional thermal jacket. The angle prevents the jacket’s zipper from overlapping the shirt’s zipper, avoiding any pressure-points on your throat.

Weight Distribution With Air/Pac® Inserts.

8mm-thick air/pac® mesh inserts help distribute the weight of body armour or a heavy backpack by creating a cushion. This makes activity under load much more comfortable.




MultiCam abrasion resistant ventilation panels

Highly durable nylon face fabric

MultiCam abrasion resistant ventilation panels

Highly durable nylon face fabric

Revised MultiCam Fabric. What’s the difference?

More silent, more durable and built for extreme cold weather. Get the details about the latest version of the MultiCam fabric here.


  • Windproof, waterproof and breathable face fabric
  • High-performance thermal-insulated sleeves
  • Excellent body vapour management via inner sleeve 37.5™ Merino/polyester material plus comfortable microfleece in the front and back
  • UF PRO® air/pac® inserts in the shoulder and upper back for additional thermal insulation and weight distribution when carrying heavy armour or backpack
  • Side ventilation openings
  • Angle zipper for reducing pressure points when wearing additional layers of clothing
  • Openings on wrist-warmers permit a clear view of your chronometer
  • CORDURA® reinforcements in the elbows
  • Collar width adjuster




  • 2-layer laminate
    • face material 100% Polyester
    • breathable PU membrane


  • 2-layer laminate
    • face material 100% Nylon
    • breathable PU membrane


  • 100% 37.5® Polyester (torso)
  • 65% Merino wool, 35% 37.5® Polyester (sleeves)


  • 100% Polyester 80 g/m2 G-LOFT®


  • elastic fabric (stretch cuffs)
  • breathable & abrasion-resistant 3D mesh


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