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UF PRO SWAT Tactical Gear

This is clothing designed for functionality, reliability, and all-day comfort. It works with the external gear you depend on, including plate carriers and holsters. Purpose-built for high-intensity missions in virtually all types of weather.

Best-in-class SWAT tactical pants.

These pants are specifically designed for the requirements of SWAT units. Engineered with our proven 3-Layer UF PRO knee-protection system, these pants offer a tonne of storage capacity and undisputed comfort that lasts throughout the day (so you can better focus on achieving mission success).

Moisture-wicking SWAT tactical shirts.

UF PRO SWAT tactical shirts give you superb comfort and reliable protection. They employ efficient moisture-wicking materials, reliably protect your elbows, and keep you comfortable in various types of weather.

SWAT tactical jackets built for nasty weather.

Duty calls in all weathers. The special construction of UF PRO tactical jackets gives you superb protection against the elements—everything from extremely low temperatures to heavy downpours.


Do you offer a discount for SWAT operators?

We offer a 10% discount for active law-enforcement personnel. Create an account with us and request a PRO membership to receive the discount.

Can I wear UF PRO gear on duty?

You’ll need to check first with your superiors; however, our equipment is made according to the highest standards and designed specifically for law-enforcement work.

I need to place a larger order for my unit. What can I do?

For orders of 50 or more pieces, go here to contact our support team for more information about this.

I need to order a specific colour of camouflage for my unit. Do you make custom sets?

Yes. However, for us to be able to customize our standard-made clothing, you have to order a certain minimum quantity. Go here to contact our support team for more information about this.

Can women wear UF PRO’s police clothing?

Yes. Our SWAT gear is a perfect fit for any gender. It’s all the same in terms of comfort, freedom of motion, long-lasting quality, and ease of care.

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