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UF PRO Tactical Gear in PenCott GreenZone

One of four superb camouflage patterns created by UK Hyde Definition, PenCott GreenZone is a complex combination of small and large pixel shapes shaded in multiple browns and greens. This pattern is extremely well-suited for woodland and open temperate environments thanks to its complex fractal design. Combined with our highly functional gear, PenCott GreenZone’s excellent concealment capability is exactly what you need to maintain your tactical edge.

Pattern Characteristics

  • Digital pattern in 4 shades of brown and green
  • Ideal for use in verdant temperate, tropical, or semi-tropical terrain
  • Excellent concealment at conventional engagement distances
  • Fractal design ensures solid performance at shorter distances
  • Unique 3-in-1 fractal geometry results in a more natural-looking pattern

Get more intel about PenCott GreenZone

Who created PenCott GreenZone?

It was designed by Dom Hyde of UK Hyde Definition. The PenCott series is named after Sir Roland Penrose and Dr. Hugh B. Cott, a pair of acclaimed British camouflage pioneers whose work played an important role in determining the outcome of World War II.

For which environments is PenCottGreenZone suitable?

The unique digital print characteristics of PenCott GreenZone CP make it right at home in verdant temperate, tropical, or semi-tropical terrain. However, it’s also a strong year-’round performer in even the dense forests of Europe.

What materials do you use in your PenCott GreenZone tactical gear?

UF PRO tactical gear employs genuine PenCott® GreenZone materials consisting of 50/50 Nylon-Cotton ripstop (with crease-resistant finish) and 500D Cordura nylon.

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