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UF PRO Tactical Pants in MultiCam

Designed for Military/LE units and built to deliver extreme comfort and functionality, these tactical pants are overlaid with MultiCam’s world-acclaimed camouflage pattern. They are ideal for virtually any type of operation in almost any environment.

Striker ULT Combat Pants

Remarkably lightweight design built for hot climates, continental climates, and everything in between. Striker ULTs feature Waist/Flex technology—our latest innovation that shapes the pants to your waist to maximize comfort and performance. Ventilation zippers inside the huge side-pockets provide additional airflow on demand. Compatible with our-battle proven 3-Layer Knee Protection System.

Striker X Combat Pants

Made to meet the brutal demands of Military and Special Forces units. Features include extreme rugged construction, plentiful pockets in various configurations, and reliable, comfortable knee protection that needs no adjusting.

Striker HT Combat Pants

For use in high-temperature environments. Comes with a unique air-flow system to cool things down, best-in-class knee protection, top-performing fabric and component combinations, and highly functional pocket configurations.

Monsoon XT Tactical Rain Pants.

When staying dry is your top priority. Constructed with top-tier laminates and built to handle the harshest environments, Monsoon XT Tactical Rain Pants in MultiCam are the go-to choice for severe wet weather. Because, during a downpour, the exceptional reliability and innovative design features of these pants count for everything.

P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts

The only pair of tactical shorts you’ll need this summer. Lightweight and breathable materials make these shorts an optimal performer in hot weather. Spacious side-pockets with built-in ventilation for extra cooling airflow. This is the next generation of tactical shorts.


Can I use the 3D Tactical Knee Pads with these tactical pants?

Yes. The 3D tactical Knee Pads are compatible with the Striker X and the Striker HT Combat Pants. The Monsoon XT Rain Pants are designed to function as overpants, thus they are not compatible with the knee pads on their own.

What is the difference between the Striker X and Striker HT Combat Pants?

We designed the Striker Combat Pants based on feedback from military operatives. Owing to that feedback, Striker Combat Pants are extremely durable and sturdy. As such, it is difficult (if not near-impossible) to rip, split, tear, or break them. Also, Striker X Combat Pants feature No-Melt/No-Drip construction, while Striker HT Combat Pants do not.

Another difference is seen in the streamlined construction of Striker X Combat Pants. This new construction method (which we are implementing on our newer models) makes it highly unlikely that a pair of Striker X Combat Pants will snag on protruding objects such as branches and metal barbs.

One more difference is ease of repair. If a Striker X Combat Pants element breaks, it can be quickly stitched back together right there in the field, if you have a needle and thread.

Is the material used with the tactical pants in MultiCam different from other colours or patterns?

Yes. The MultiCam variants of the Striker X Combat Pants and Striker HT Combat Pants are 50% Nylon and 50% Cotton Ripstop fabric (nyco ripstop). By comparison, these same pants in plain colours are 67% Polyester and 33% Cotton Ripstop fabric.

Meanwhile, the Monsoon XT Tactical Rain Pants in MultiCam employs a triple-layer waterproof laminate. This material withstands heavy rain and daily wear-and-tear, yet is breathable.

Are UF PRO Tactical Pants in MultiCam treated with any NIR-suppressing coating?

Yes. Our MultiCam Tactical Pants cover your NIR signature.

What temperature ranges are suitable for UF PRO Tactical Pants in MultiCam?

They are ideal for practically any environmental condition, ranging from extreme heat to freezing cold.

The breathable ripstop material along with the knee-pad zippered openings we designed into the pants help prevent you from overheating in high-temperature environments. Furthermore, Striker HT Combat Pants feature two integrated zippers in the crotch to provide additional airflow throughout the upper-thigh region.

Upgrade the Striker X Combat Pants or Striker HT Combat Pants with a zip-in WINDSTOPPER liner and you’re ready to enjoy comforting warmth against extreme cold temperatures.

The Monsoon XT Tactical Rain Pants are designed for use in both high- and low-temperature environments thanks to its membrane breathability (which is constrained only by the surrounding air’s water saturation).

Are UF PRO Tactical Pants in MultiCam machine washable?

Yes. Just make sure to follow the laundering instructions on the care tag found inside the pants. For best results, we recommend drying them on a clothesline. For more about this, please read our “Guide to Wash Care Symbols” available here.

Important! Please avoid using bleach or colour brighteners as these can damage the near-infrared properties of your Striker Combat Pants product.

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