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With exciting new products on the horizon, 2022 looks to be our biggest and best year yet. 

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Here’s what’s on tap for 2022:

M2 Parka

Built for functionality and convenience, this ultimate all-in-one survival jacket delivers high-level protection from rain and wind, and features air/pac® inserts plus all the pockets you’ll almost surely ever need. 

French CCE BDU
Limited Edition

The CCE camouflage pattern is acclaimed for its performance in woodland European environments where the colours making up the background are primarily greens and browns.

Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt

The Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt embodies next-generation UF PRO excellence. It offers unbeatable performance combined with unsurpassed comfort thanks to its extremely breathable, moisture-wicking 3-D mesh and super-stretchy, fast-drying torso material.

Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants

Unbeatable performance and comfort are hallmarks of the Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants, UF PRO’s new-generation tactical garment that will impress you like nothing else. Key features include our innovative Waist/Flex and vertical knee-adjustment systems.

Delta Ace Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket

Built for wear while engaged in physically demanding activities at freezing temperatures, the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket brings together unprecedented comfort, warmth, and performance.

Ace Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt

A smart combination of thermal insulation and air vents in just the right places makes the AcE Gen.2 Combat Shirt a must-have for high-exertion winter missions in frigid environments.

Delta Eagle Gen.3 Softshell Jacket

The windproof and water-repellent Delta Eagle Gen.3 Softshell Jacket is the perfect choice for cool, damp, windy days. Put it on and you'll stay warm without overheating.

Delta OL 4.0 Tactical Winter Jacket

The sub-zero Delta OL 4.0 Winter Jacket boasts windproof and water-repellent face material and non-bulky thermal insulation for the worst of winter. This jacket will instantly be your best friend when you’re out in the freezing cold.

Delta OL 4.0 Winter Pants

These thermal-insulated pants keep you comfortably warm when temperatures dip below zero. And not only are the Delta OL 4.0 Winter Pants well insulated, they’re also windproof, highly water-repellent, and won't interfere with your freedom of movement.

Vegetato BDU
Limited Edition

Vegetato camouflage is a digital pattern ideal for Mediterranean environments, especially arid grasslands dotted by sparse woods, scrubs, and bushes. However, its colour profile is dark and brown enough that Vegetato can also work well in central European woodlands.