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UF PRO GORE-TEX Tactical Clothing.

Best-in-class waterproof laminates combined with the functionality of UF PRO gear.

Why GORE-TEX for tactical clothing?

GORE-TEX—like many other materials we use in our gear—is among the best the market offers. The GORE-TEX name stands for outstanding performance that keeps you dry in the nastiest weather. For UF PRO garments, it's the perfect choice.

Intelligent waterproof membrane.

GORE-TEX is built with balanced microscopic pores 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet but 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour. That means the fabric keeps out rain and snow while allowing sweat moisture to easily escape.

Comfort in the most miserable weather.

It’s not just that the GORE-TEX membrane allows sweat to dissipate. It’s also the fact that we’ve paired this exceptional capability with weight-distributing air/pac inserts and our unique Hood/Harness system. Together, they help you feel great in the worst a storm can throw at you.

Reliable performance and functionality.

GORE-TEX handles the job of keeping you dry; UF PRO takes care of giving you the functionality you require. That includes functionally configured pockets, anatomic fit, and ventilation zippers. They seamlessly perform with the GORE-TEX laminate so you can do your best work every time.


What is GORE-TEX?

GORE-TEX is a common name for clothing laminated with a GORE-TEX membrane. The laminates are 100-percent waterproof and boast one of the best breathability (moisture wicking) ratings on the market.

Is GORE-TEX waterproof?

Yes. Clothing made of GORE-TEX is 100-percent waterproof. GORE-TEX laminates meet the international standard for waterproof, which specifies that textiles be able to resist a water-entry pressure of at least 8,000 mm.

How to wash GORE-TEX?

No matter the type of tactical clothing you own, if it was made of GORE-TEX, you must adhere to the washing instructions sewn into it. Typically, these instructions specify you do the following before loading the garment into your washing machine:

  1. Remove all pocket items (tissues, knives, etc.) and items attached by Velcro fasteners (patches, etc.).
  2. Close or secure zippers, buttons, Velcro fasteners, snaps, and similar mechanisms (this helps prevent hard parts from damaging the fabric during the various wash cycles).
  3. Turn the jacket inside out.

GORE-TEX fabrics usually are treated with a DWR coating. To preserve this coating (and the garment’s waterproof properties), you must be sure after washing to iron the garment with the appliance set only at a low temperature. Learn more about it here.

Is GORE-TEX worth it?

Yes. GORE-TEX waterproof laminates have excellent performance characteristics in the heaviest of downpours. GORE-TEX clothing remains waterproof and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What is GORE-TEX made of?

The membrane itself is made of ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene). This membrane can be laminated with different layers (for example an abrasion-resistant outer shell and a soft inner lining) to produce a waterproof fabric.

How does GORE-TEX work?

GORE-TEX membrane material consists of micropores which serve to form a waterproof layer. These micropores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. As a result, water from the outside cannot permeate through the membrane. However, these same micropores are 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour, which means the moisture produced when you sweat is easily expelled through the membrane.

What does GORE-TEX mean?

When clothing displays the GORE-TEX tag, it simply means the garment was fabricated using GORE-TEX membrane material. The name GORE-TEX also is commonly taken to mean that a garment is waterproof.

Does GORE-TEX lose waterproofness?

No. GORE-TEX clothing retains its waterproof properties for the lifetime of the garment and even comes with a written guarantee to that effect. However it can feel like your garment has lost its waterproofing when in actuality it hasn’t—the sensation of leaking is just that, a sensation, and it’s usually the result of improper care of the garment.

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