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Get your motor running and push yourself beyond the limits on the second UF PRO Striker Challenge and its first international edition. Contenders will unearth concealed complex tasks, calling upon their keen focus and problem-solving abilities.


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After last year's successful debut of the event, we not only made it international but also spiced up the challenges. Competitors from around the globe will be able to take on 5 complex ordeals, putting your mental stamina and physical strength to the test.

Challenges are selected by tactical operators, so you can expect to bust yourself against the time and push beyond the competition. Expect to feel the weight on you when you face the wall you’ll have to climb, run and crawl and still keep steady enough afterward to hit the bullseye. May it be combat medic or perform a spotter, you’ll have your hands full keeping your head cool and heart at rest.


Anyone can participate, may you be a tactical operator, military and police personnel or a passionate individual in good physical fit with skills and knowledge from rifle shooting, use of binoculars, and orientation will get you through while having fun doing it.


| Date: 18. May 2024

| Location: Komenda - Slovenia, UF PRO store - start and finish

| Registration fee: Individuals 30 EUR, Three-person group 50 EUR

| Registration close: 30. April 2024


  • Individuals
  • Three-person group (male or female or mixed groups)


  • Overcoming obstacles like walls and tunnels
  • Medic treatment
  • Observation and object spotting
  • Heavy object throwing, military jumps, crawling, ammo carrying, etc.
  • Precision shooting


  • The total race distance is 8 km.
  • Each participant is racing with a 10 kg backpack.


Upon selecting a category you wish to participate in apply accordingly through the link below by no later than 30. April 2024. Number of participants is limited, so apply now and guarantee your spot.


Each participant will receive limited-edition UF PRO Striker Challenge 2024 gifts, additionally the top three finishers in each category, individuals and threes, will receive a voucher for UF PRO gear in value of up to 1500 EUR redeemable in the UF PRO store.


Our mission is to keep those hunger pangs and thirst at bay. We've got some BBQ and beer planed that are not only a treat for your taste buds but also spark fun and engaging hanging out after the race.


Komenda is a small village just outside of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana and a few minutes drive from Airport Jože Pučnik. The village is surrounded by green meadows and lush forests with spectacular views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karavanke Alps at the backdrop, offering the perfect setting for the Striker Challenge. Come and experience it yourself and see why UF PRO HQ is based here.


What is the minimum age requirement to participate in the Striker Challenge 2024, and are there any conditions for younger participants?

To participate in the Striker Challenge 2024, individuals must be at least 18 years old. All younger than 18 will enjoy the event just as much, yet can only participate accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to bring my own weapons to the Striker Challenge 2024?

You don't need to bring your weapon to the Striker Challenge 2024. We have carefully designed the tasks and challenges so that all the necessary equipment is available on-site. This ensures everyone's safety and compliance with the regulations and allows participants to focus on the competition and their performance without worrying about equipment. All you need is a backpack with at least 10 kg of weight in it.

What if I don't have any skills in handling weapons? Is previous experience required?

Previous experience and skill in handling weapons are highly recommended for participants of the Striker Challenge 2024 due to the nature of the tasks involved. However, these skills are not mandatory to participate. We encourage all interested individuals to join, as the event is designed to be inclusive and offers a range of challenges that can be enjoyed regardless of prior experience. Safety is our top priority, and all participants will receive instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

What if I miss this year's Striker Challenge event?

If you're unable to attend the Striker Challenge 2024, don't worry! There are always future events to look forward to. Keep an eye on our website and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on upcoming events. In this way, you'll be among the first to know about future challenges and can plan to join us next time. Our community is growing, and we're excited to welcome both returning and new participants in the future.

How do I get to the UF PRO Striker Challenge event location?

The UF PRO Store, where the event is held, is based in our Headquarters. The nearest airport is Ljubljana Airport, which is only about 15 minutes away by car, offering convenient access for international attendees. For more detailed directions, please visit: Where is your retail store located?