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JUST LANDED | Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants

Thermal infrared protection for professionals.

UF PRO gear now available in camoshield™ multispectral camouflage.

Camouflage technology enters a new era.

Night vision has become so inexpensive that now practically everyone everywhere can see in the dark. This has spurred military and law-enforcement field units to clamour for an effective countermeasure, one that can keep them effectively concealed after the sun goes down.

Introducing camoshield™, an innovative technology solution newly developed by SSZ Camouflage and Schoeller Textil AG. 

camoshield™ provides permanent multispectral camouflage effect. Its minimal weight contributes to your maximum comfort. Plus, it offers superb protection against the elements. Add this technology to your UF PRO gear and you’ve got possibly the ultimate combat uniform.

VIS? NIR? SWIR? camoshield™ has you covered. Literally.

camoshield™ hides your near-infrared signature. But that’s not all. camoshield™ also hides your thermal infrared signature. It does this by bringing your surface temperature down to as little as 10°C. And it accomplishes both without compromising your comfort.

Additional protection.

Water/wind-repelling camoshield™ can be integrated with other technologies, including pyroshell flame retardancy and Inzectic™ insect protection.

Pyroshell Flame Retardance

Inzectic™ Insect Protection

Protection Against Elements

Is your unit or organisation looking for camoshield™ technology?

camoshield™ is available exclusively in larger quantities for LE/military units and organisations. Contact our team and we’ll get back to you with camoshield™ tactical gear ordering information and additional details.


Is camoshield™ clothing available for purchase on your webshop?

camoshield™ clothing is not available from us on a retail basis. We sell it exclusively under contract to LE/military units and organisations, and at that in large quantities only.

Can I order camoshield™ clothing for myself?

Unfortunately no. Because of the high cost of acquiring this cutting-edge material, we’re unable to sell camoshield™ clothing in individual pieces to consumers.

What environments was camoshield™ developed for?

camoshield™ was specially developed for use in nighttime open-terrain ops. It performs optimally at ambient temperatures between 0°C and 37°C (32°F to 98.6°F).

What basic characteristics does camoshield™ material have?

It’s extremely breathable, water-repellent, and wind-repellent. The material also offers concealment from sensors operating in the NIR, TIR, and SWIR ranges.

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