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Your equipment isn't just a kit of tools—it's an extension of your skill set, providing the crucial edge you need to succeed (especially when you find yourself in high-pressure environments). One of the most important pieces of this ensemble is the combat shirt. The right one can make all the difference in your performance, safety, and comfort.

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A combat shirt is a carefully engineered garment designed to meet the rigorous demands encountered during tactical operations. Not all combat shirts are created equal, so understanding what to look for in the one you’re going to wear can significantly enhance your overall experience in the field.

In this blog, we will delve into the key attributes that make a combat shirt great. We’ll also explore why, in some circles, UF PRO Combat Shirts enjoy a reputation as the greatest of the great.

Comfort and fit as the foundation of performance

Comfort might seem like an obvious consideration when choosing any article of clothing, but it’s particularly important when selecting tactical gear. That’s because combat-shirt comfort directly impacts upon your ability to perform tasks effectively and to maintain focus during operations.

Ideally, a combat top should fit snugly, but not so tightly that it restricts your freedom of movement. It needs to be roomy enough to let your body move, twist, and stretch to the full extent of your capabilities, yet sufficiently streamlined to prevent it from snagging on equipment or rocks, branches, and other objects encountered in the environment. This balance is critical for optimal performance.

UF PRO Combat Shirts are designed with an anatomical cut which enables them to move with your body so you can experience exceptional freedom of movement. Whether you're climbing, crawling, or sprinting, these shirts work with—not against—you.

Comfort and fit as the foundation of performance

Optimal body condition means optimal mission execution

Regulation of body temperature is a crucial concern in high-intensity situations. Consequently, a combat shirt should be breathable. This allows a sufficient amount of air to circulate between the shirt and your skin, which helps keep you from becoming overheated. In addition to breathability, a combat shirt should be moisture-wicking to draw sweat away from your body. This pulling of perspiration off you helps you stay dry, which in turn increases your comfort.

To enhance breathability and temperature control, UF PRO Combat Shirts are equipped with strategically placed vents that further improve under-the-shirt air circulation. These vents very effectively help cool you down naturally as your body’s core heats up, most notably in high-intensity situations.

Also, UF PRO Combat Shirts incorporate COCONA® fabric to provide an additional source of reliable and effective body temperature regulation, moisture management, and overall comfort improvement. We use COCONA® fabric because its excellent moisture-wicking and -spreading characteristics promote fast evaporation of the sweat carried away from your body.

Together, UF PRO Combat Shirts’ integrated air-circulation vents and advanced moisture-wicking materials ensure efficient regulation of your body temperature. These innovative design elements contribute greatly to helping keep you cool, dry and comfortable so that you can achieve optimal mission execution.

Optimal body condition means optimal mission execution

The toughest missions require the toughest clothing

In the field, durability isn't just about how long the garment can last—it's also about reliability. A battle shirt must be able to endure the rigours of tactical operations without tearing or wearing out prematurely. Accordingly, it should be crafted from sturdy, abrasion-resistant fabrics with robust stitching to bear up against the challenging environments in which you operate.

One of the key elements that contribute to the durability of UF PRO products is the strategic use of advanced materials, including Cordura® and ripstop fabric.

  • The unique, grid-pattern weave of ripstop fabric reinforces the material and prevents small tears or rips from spreading. This exceptional feature makes ripstop fabric ideal for use in demanding environments where gear comes into contact with rough surfaces and snag hazards.
  • Cordura® fabric is constructed with high-tenacity nylon fibres, engineered to resist abrasions, tears, and scuffs. For that reason, we integrate Cordura® panels to those sections of our garments where protection against wear-and-tear is critical. Doing so enhances durability and lengthens lifespan. This strategic reinforcement ensures that our products can withstand vigourous use and perform reliably over an extended period.

But durability and longevity still are not enough. Your combat shirt also needs to provide a certain level of strategic protection in areas including elbows and shoulders—those that tend to bear the greatest brunt of impacts occurring during operations.

Such protection is a byword of UF PRO Combat Shirts. But ours take things a step further by including built-in air/pac® inserts to give you superior impact absorption, cushion in critical areas, and reduced risk of injury during high-intensity activities.

The toughest missions require the toughest clothing

Camouflage and utility for enhanced capability

Often overlooked are a combat shirt’s design and colour, both of which play a significant role in determining the wearer’s overall mission effectiveness. Ideally, a combat shirt should seamlessly blend with the environment in order to provide the best possible concealment from hostile eyes.

Moreover, a good combat shirt should incorporate features that abet its tactical utility. Generally, this means the shirt is easy to customise to suit mission requirements. Features that facilitate tactical utility can include specially designed pockets and patch-affixing loop panels, to mention but a few of the possibilities.

UF PRO Combat Shirts excel in this regard. Because they are available in a variety of camouflage patterns and colours, these shirts are right at home in many different operating environments. Additionally, they feature smartly placed pockets and loop panels to enhance their overall tactical functionality.

Camouflage and utility for enhanced capability

A closer look at UF PRO Combat Shirts

When it comes to this type of garment, UF PRO Combat Shirts set the bar high; they provide a range of options for use in a variety of operational environments and weather conditions. Take, for example, our thermal-insulating AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt. It’s designed to be worn in extremely cold conditions thanks to its microfleece lining, windproof/water-repellent face fabric, and—for additional thermal insulation and weight distribution when carrying tactical vests, body armour, or backpacks—our signature air/pac® inserts.  

In contrast, there is the lightweight Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt. Designed for comfort in warm and hot climates, it features side ventilation panels and—for greater breathability—upper-arm ventilation zippers. It also has weight-distributing air/pac® inserts, a multipurpose pocket, and places to insert optional pads for extra protection of your elbows. 

The Striker X Combat Shirt is a stand-out for its pairing of two things: best-in-class comfort and extreme ruggedness. These are reflected by the shirts’ no-melt/no-drip construction, reliable protection for elbows, and generouship/shoulder cushioning. These shirts boost wearer confidence in the face of mounting pressure by wicking away sweat and drying fast as well as by promoting the ability to freely move. 

We made extensive use of Smart Design techniques in the development of our entire range of Combat Shirts to ensure long-lasting performance. Specifically, these techniques allowed the shirts’ engineers to pinpoint where special materials such as CORDURA® and ripstop fabrics would be most effective in preventing the level of wear-and-tear typically encountered in your line of work from shortening their useful service life. Moreover, these shirts feature unique ventilation elements to help you remain comfortable as you increase or decrease your level of activity. Opening the vents when you’re working hard allows air to flow in and refresh you; closing them when you’re at rest lets you avoid feeling chilled.

A closer look at UF PRO Combat Shirts


The best combat top is the one that supports your specific mission needs in the designated operational environment. Accordingly, you should choose a combat top that will be durable yet comfortable, protective yet breathable, and—above all—tactically useful. UF PRO Combat Shirts optimally balance these attributes to give you a garment that can boost your performance, increase your safety, and enhance your comfort from one situation to the next. These shirts are a testament to the fact that a combat shirt is more than just a piece of clothing but also a critical tool that empowers you to succeed in your mission. 

Whether you're a seasoned operator or new to the field, every edge counts—so invest in a combat top that can help you be more effective in the field is important. Take your time, do your research, and then choose wisely. 

Published: 24-06-2023 // Tags: Blog // #camouflage #tactical-gear