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The Slovenian Army camouflage is currently considered as one of the best camouflage prints available for a wide range of vegetation. Due to its characteristic shapes, the SloCam DP keeps its disruptive pattern even on longer distances.

When developing their new battle dress, the Slovenian land forces decided to also change their woodland DP and come up with a new, more adequate camouflage pattern.

It should better reflect the changed strategic role of the Slovenian army as a NATO partner, who takes an active role in international peace keeping and peace restoring missions.

The new Slovenian print is lighter than the old gen.

The old Slovenian DP was extremely dark and therefore not suitable for today’s intervention scenarios.

The task was therefore to come up with a lighter camouflage print, which offers enhanced camouflage properties in various vegetations from woodland to rather barren areas, but also to allow the soldier to combine it with equipment from other NATO countries, which carries a different DP. 

Even though, Slovenia is not really considered as an opinion leader within the military community, it was quite surprising that a German police SF team ranked the SloCam during an evaluation of different state of the art camouflage prints as their favourite for their new sniper suit.

Due to its characteristic shapes SloCam provides amazing camouflage properties in a wide range of vegetations.

Due to its characteristic shapes, a nice colour transition from light to dark olive green, five colour shades based on brown and green, it provides amazing camouflage properties in a wide range of vegetations, - even in midsized urban areas.

Compared to other camouflage prints, which tend to be monochromatic the further away the observer is, SloCam even on distance keeps its disrupted pattern.


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The Striker BDU in SloCam.

Also our own internal filed testing’s in various environments and climates have demonstrated that not only the visual camouflage properties are outstanding but that SloCam also provides great near IR performance.

That is why we have based our complete Striker Battle Dress system on this exceptional DP.

It should offer today´s tactical operator the option to chose a unique camouflage system for a wide range of operational environments.

Check out our combat uniform in SloCam here.

Head of Product Development at UF PRO Armin Wagner

About the author:

Armin Wagner

is the mastermind behind all UF PRO products. With over 25 years of experience in the textile industry for law enforcement and military units, and after working for some of the industry’s leading companies like WL Gore, Second Chance and Armour Holdings, Armin finally landed, as he describes it, his dream job as head of product development at UF PRO.

Published: 27-06-2019 // Tags: Blog // #camouflage