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Windstopper Lining

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Windstopper Lining

Windstopper Lining

The detachable WINDSTOPPER Lining provides breathable thermal insulation for P-40 and Striker Pants. » More info


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The UF PRO WINDSTOPPER Liner is the perfect add-on for your Striker or P-40 pants  in cold-weather environments. Easily connects to the pants via a zipper found along the outer edge. You’ll find that the additional thermal insulation they provide plus 100% protection against wind-chill are must-haves while operating in sub-zero temperatures.


Our head of development Armin explains what makes the WINDSTOPPER liner the go-to add-on for cold-weather apps. Full rundown, no holds barred. 

With which UF PRO Pants can I use the lining?

It works with all models of UF PRO Striker and P-40 pants (except Striker ULT and P-40 Shorts). You can add the lining to upgrade your pants’ thermal properties at any time. It’s easy to do. Just position the lining along the upper edge of the pants and zip it into place.

What size should I get?

Determining the width of the lining is easy, since it comes in sizes that correspond to those of the pants. Simply look at the label on your UF PRO pants to see what size they are if you don’t already know. The size on the label will be formatted with a letter followed by a number, a slash mark, and another letter.

For example, the pants label might say  W28/S or W28/L. Here, the W stands for waist and the 28 stands for the waist size in inches. Meanwhile, the S stands for short leg length and the L stands for long leg length. So all you would need to do is pick a lining that’s either a 28 small or 28 long to go with those particular pants. 

What’s the coldest temperature I can be in and still stay warm using this lining?

That depends on your activity level and on the amount of heat your body produces. During medium intensity activities,  a WINDSTOPPER-lined pair of Striker or P-40 pants should keep you warm up to -10 degrees Celsius.

Does the WINDSTOPPER® liner stick to your skin or in any other way make the pants less comfortable?

No. The liner features antistatic construction, meaning no clinging to your body due to the presence of charged electrons. Also, the WINDSTOPPER liner won’t impair your movements—thanks for that goes in part to its anatomic fit, which mimics that of the pants themselves.


  • Anatomic cut
  • Antistatic
  • Windproof and breathable
  • Flat seams


  • 2-layer laminate
    • face material 100% Polyester
    • ePTFE membrane


0,18 kg (size 34/S)

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