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Monsoon Gen.2 Tactical Rain Jacket

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Monsoon Gen.2 Tactical Rain Jacket

Monsoon Gen.2 Tactical Rain Jacket

$527 $447.95
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Price: $527 $447.95

Monsoon Gen.2 Tactical Rain Jacket

The right choice whether you’re trying to stay dry or keep the chill wind at bay. Our Monsoon Gen.2 is built from breathable 100% waterproof GORE-TEX® laminate. Rely on it no matter how hard the rain pours down on you.

Built to withstand heavy rain.

An outstanding high-performance waterproof tactical jacket like the Monsoon Gen.2 is designed from the ground up with supremely top-quality laminates to shield you from pounding rain and heavy wind—all while remaining extremely breathable.

Thermal insulation & weight distribution inserts.

air/pac® inserts built into the shoulders fight the “thermal bridge” effect. That’s what happens when your skin is in direct contact with the jacket’s cold fabric. The effect is defeated by providing extra distance between you and the laminate—the air/pac® inserts do exactly that. And they pull double-duty as a weight-distribution element to make it easier on you when lugging a backpack or plate carrier.

Side ventilation zippers.

Long zippers down the sides permit easy access to gear underneath. Or open the zippers to maximize airflow through the jacket when you need to cool down.

Unrestricted field of view.

The comfortable, built-in Hood/Harness® system allows the hood to move with your head as you turn it from side to side and to follow along with your neck as you crane it up and down. The result: widest possible field of view. The system also helps keep your head from overheating and minimizes interference with your hearing by not allowing the laminate to come into direct contact with your head.

Highly water-repellent pockets.

Generously sized pairs of pockets built into the upper arms, lower arms, and jacket front give you plenty of space for your essential gear. Makes it easy to access pocketed gear when you most need to retrieve those items.

Lower-arm pocket

Easy open upper-arm pocket


  • 100% waterproof and breathable 3-layer laminate
  • Improved Hood/Harness® hood system
  • Easy to stow away hood
  • UF PRO® air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area
  • Water-repellent pocket configuration:
    • 2X upper sleeve pockets with cords for easy opening
    • 2X lower sleeve pockets
    • 2X chest pockets
  • Side ventilation openings
  • Waist adjustments
  • Cuff adjustments



  • GORE-TEX® 3-layer laminate


  • 3-layer waterproof and breathable laminate


  • 0,95 kg (size L)

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