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G Loft

What is G-Loft?

G-Loft is a synthetic, textile thermal isolation material that was developed for extreme conditions. Originally it was used for mountaineering and military sleeping bags, where low bulk and weight, as well as reliable thermal insulation, even while moist, are paramount. After extended and successful field trials we are using today G-Loft in all our UF PRO® garments, which require light weight and reliable thermal insulation.

How does it work?

The G-Loft insulation material is based on a hollow fiber, which, due to a very specific three dimensional structure, can retain a maximum of dry air. As dry air is the best known insulation medium, G-Loft is currently the best synthetic and textile insulation material available.

How is it tested?

There are standard laboratory test methods, which determine the Rct, Clo and other thermal penetration resistance values for textile structures. Especially for sleeping bags there are simulation models, which evaluate the comfort limits. For garments though, the best and most reliable tests are field trials, during which the thermal insulation properties is evaluated also under physical strain. In all the field trials that we know, G Loft has been evaluated as the best synthetic insulation material.




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