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Your body already has the ultimate thermo-regulating system. The perspiration vapor that comes off of skin during activity cools the body when working hard. In fact, each gram of evaporated sweat releases 580 calories of stored heat. Unless this water vapor can be removed from your clothing, footwear, or gloves it builds up and creates a clammy and uncomfortable microclimate. 37.5 technology works to enhance the body’s natural cooling mechanism—the body produces sweat to cool it down, 37.5 technology removes it from the microclimate of your apparel.

Due to the perfect size of the naturally occurring micro pores of the structure of the 37.5 technology active particles, 37.5 fabrics and yarns adsorb and trap a wide range of odor molecules. Odors coming from the wearer or the surrounding environment are attracted to and trapped within the 37.5 pores. 


With 37.5 technology, active particles permanently embedded at the fiber level capture and release moisture vapor. Not only do these active particles add 800% more surface area to the fiber, they also provide a unique driving force to remove moisture vapor unlike any other technology. By actively responding to body heat, the active particles use this energy from the body to accelerate the vapor movement and the conversion of liquid to vapor, increasing drying rates. This means the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes—and the more comfortable the microclimate of the garment remains.


  • 37.5 technology works to keep the optimum relative humidity in the microclimate next to your skin so your body more efficiently maintains an ideal core temperature, enabling you to perform better, longer.
  • Fabrics made with 37.5 technology dry up to five times faster than similar fabrics, diminishing wet cling.
  • 37.5 technology is made with naturally derived materials so there are no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin.
  • 37.5 active particles absorb and trap a wide range of bad smelling odour molecules.
  • 37.5 active particles are permanently embedded into yarn and will never wash out or get tired.



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