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Why do we use UF PRO® Hybrid/Design?

Usually garments are made of one certain type of face material, which defines the textile characteristics of the garment.

To our mind this does not satisfy the performance requirements, as it usually offers just a compromise. Often the technical performance of just one material does not thoroughly fulfil all the complex functional and physiological requirements, of the human body in motion.

Therefore we have switched from the single outer fabric design to a more sophisticated technology that we call Hybrid/Design. This design technology uses the material properties of different and complementary materials in different areas of the garment, as it is required by the expected end use during which it is worn.

How does Hybrid/Design work?

The basic principle for UF PRO® Hybrid/Design is that the functional and physiological requirements of the expected end use, define also the characteristics of the materials of choice.

In areas for example, where elasticity is required, we use stretch materials usually coming from the Swiss premium manufacturer Schoeller®. In areas which require a rather solid platform for pockets and protectors, we choose solid materials without stretch. In areas, which require the best possible breathability, we use light and highly air permeable materials. Wherever durability is paramount we use highly abrasion resistant fabrics.


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