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What is the UF PRO® Hood/Harness?

The UF PRO® Hood/Harness is a new development, featuring a technology that comfortably connects the hood with your head. This is the only hood on the market that enables you perfect vision, unlimited mobility and comfort in foul weather conditions. The length and height of the Hood/Harness can be adjusted with an integrated head band and if wearing a helmet, the UF PRO® Hood/Harness can be easily detached.











 Why did we develop the UF PRO® Hood/Harness?

Conventional hoods have to be either uncomfortably strapped around ones´ head or they limit the vision. So it is to choose the lesser evil: Either loosing ventilation and wear comfort while strapping a noisy hood firmly around your head, or run the risk to look inside the inner part of your hood, whenever you turn your head.

A traditional hood without harness resulting in a limited field of view






How does the UF PRO® Hood/Harness work?

The Hood/Harness is integrated into the hood and connects it through a head band with the wearers head. It is either detachable or can be incorporated into the hoods´ lining.



Products with UF PRO® Hood/Harness system


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