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We use Flex/Zone in our UF PRO® garments, wherever we cannot use stretch materials in order to provide the elasticity, which is required during motion. This is especially important in insulation garments, where built in stretch materials would immediately lead to a loss of insulation properties.

Why did we develop the UF PRO® Flex/Zone?

While field testing thermal insulation garments we experienced an issue that seems to be typical for all extreme cold weather garments. They are either bulky, or limit your mobility, or they are not warm enough. This turned out to be a real serious challenge in thermal insulation trousers. Therefore we developed a new technology, which is the UF PRO® Flex/Zone.

What are the benefits of the UF PRO® Flex/Zone technology?

For the first time we can make thermal insulation trousers tight fitting, without compromising mobility or thermal insulation. This makes movements in cold temperature regions much easier and comfortable, and one can significantly reduce the noise development, which is usually created by material rubbing against each other.



Products with UF PRO® Flex/Zone


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