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The ultimate weather protection jacket underneath your body armour or chest rig.»more info


The ultimate weather protection jacket underneath your body armour or chest rig.»more info


  • This product has integrated 3-D spacers, which prevent thermal bridges and distribute weight.


  • An innovative hood technology, which allows perfect vision and almost unlimited comfort, while wearing a hood.

    What is the UF PRO® Hood/Harness?

    The UF PRO® Hood/Harness is a new development, featuring a technology that comfortably connects the hood with your head. This is the only hood on the market that enables you perfect vision, unlimited mobility and comfort in foul weather conditions. The length and height of the Hood/Harness can be adjusted with an integrated head band and if wearing a helmet, the UF PRO® Hood/Harness can be easily detached.



    Why did we develop the UF PRO® Hood/Harness?

    Conventional hoods have to be either uncomfortably strapped around ones´ head or they limit the vision. So it is to choose the lesser evil: Either loosing ventilation and wear comfort while strapping a noisy hood firmly around your head, or run the risk to look inside the inner part of your hood, whenever you turn your head.

     A traditional hood without harness resulting in a limited field of view



    How does the UF PRO® Hood/Harness work?

    The Hood/Harness is integrated into the hood and connects it through a head band with the wearers head. It is either detachable or can be incorporated into the hoods´ lining.

  • Combining different face fabrics with complementary characteristics in order to optimize the garments properties.

    Why do we use UF PRO® Hybrid/Design?

    Usually garments are made of one certain type of face material, which defines the textile characteristics of the garment. To our mind this does not satisfy the performance requirements, as it usually offers just a compromise. Often the technical performance of just one material does not thoroughly fulfil all the complex functional and physiological requirements, of the human body in motion.

    Therefore we have switched from the single outer fabric design to a more sophisticated technology that we call Hybrid/Design. This design technology uses the material properties of different and complementary materials in different areas of the garment, as it is required by the expected end use during which it is worn.


    How does Hybrid/Design work?

    The basic principle for UF PRO® Hybrid/Design is that the functional and physiological requirements of the expected end use, define also the characteristics of the materials of choice.

    In areas for example, where elasticity is required, we use stretch materials usually coming from the Swiss premium manufacturer Schoeller®. In areas which require a rather solid platform for pockets and protectors, we choose solid materials without stretch. In areas, which require the best possible breathability, we use light and highly air permeable materials. Wherever durability is paramount we use highly abrasion resistant fabrics.

  • Made out of a 100% waterproof and breathable high performance textile.
  • Total protection against wind with maximum breathability.

    What is WINDSTOPPER®?

    The WINDSTOPPER® material combines total protection against wind with maximum breathability. This helps to keep the wearer warmer in any windy conditions and more comfortable with fewer layers and less bulk. Most of our UF PRO® windproof garments are made out of the original W.L. Gore WINDSTOPPER® soft shell materials, which provide superb breathability and wind protection. They keep you comfortable and protected against the wind chill effect across a wide range of weather conditions and activities. You can focus on your job without the distraction of being cold, damp or overheated.

    How does it work?

    In this three layer construction, the WINDSTOPPER® membrane is bonded to a high-performance, abrasion-resistant and water-repellent face fabric on one side, and micro fleece with high-performance insulating properties on the other.

    How is it tested?

    The high performance of WINDSTOPPER® products results from the systematic application of the "fit for use" principle. Each time a product is developed, the end product is analyzed. Therefore we are sure that all our UF PRO® garments with WINDSTOPPER® soft shell material perform like expected, even under tough conditions.

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The lightweight, low bulk Monsoon Rain Shirt is specifically designed to be worn underneath your body armour, chest rig or other gear. It is therefore made out of a special laminate mix, which makes the jacket thin, breathable and lightweight where it is covered with gear, and very robust wherever it is not. 

Lots of storage in the upper and lower sleeve pockets, contributes perfectly to the compatibility with your body armour and gear.


The Monsoon Rain Shirt is built to keep you dry, even in the most extreme rainy weather. Additionally, we wanted to make the jacket easy to stow away and at the same time super durable. So we combined two different laminates, both based on a super breathable and reliable waterproof high-tech membrane.

Areas where you have more abrasion, like shoulders, lower back and the sleeves are made out of a 3-layer laminate.The rest of the jacket is made out of an extremely lightweight and low bulk 2.5-layer laminate.



The two upper arm and two lower arm pockets give you sufficient space for your most essential smaller gear, which you want to have within your hands reach. If you have only one arm free for opening the upper arm pocket, simply bite the strap above the zipper and get the necessary tension to open it.

For better wear comfort and to reduce a possible risk of secondary fragments underneath the body armor, there are no pockets or zipper pullers in that area.


Ever stood outside in rainy weather for a longer period of time and felt that cold and damp feeling in your shoulders? It’s as if you are getting wet, but what you actually feel is the cold conducting from the outside to your skin. This phenomenon is called a thermal bridge.

In order to avoid these uncomfortable thermal bridges, the Monsoon Rain Shirt has built-in air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area. The 8 mm thick 3D mesh inserts give you the necessary insulation between your skin and the outside temperature and thus prevent the formation of thermal bridges.

Due to their foamy structure, the air/pac® inserts also distribute the weight of your plate carrier or any other gear you might carry.


The hoods of the past limited your view, if not immediately then for sure when you turned your neck by 90 degrees. You could strap them with elastic adjusters, but after a while your head was soaked from sweat and you couldn’t hear anything since the laminate was rubbing on your ears.

Enter the amazing Hood/Harness® system.

All you have to do is to adjust the system to your head size the first time you wear it and after that it will flawlessly follow your head movements, allowing you unhindered vision in extreme weather conditions.

Since you don’t need to strap the hood to your head, the space between your head and the laminate is kept, which keeps the air circulation in this area and doesn’t limit your hearing.


Long side zippers can either be used as ventilation openings when it gets too hot or simply as an access point to the gear worn underneath.


  • Designed to be worn underneath a plate carrier or chest rig
  • 100% waterproof and breathable material
  • Improved Hood/Harness® system
  • Easy to stow away hood
  • UF PRO® air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area
  • Water-repellent pocket configuration:
    • 2X upper sleeve pockets with cords for easy opening
    • 2X lower sleeve pockets
  • Side and armpit ventilation openings
  • Waist adjustments
  • Cuff adjustments


  • Brown Grey:
    • GORE-TEX® 3-layer laminate
    • GORE-TEX® 2.5-layer laminate
  • PenCott™ GreenZone:
    • 3-layer waterproof and breathable laminate
    • 2.5-layer waterproof and breathable laminate


0,70 kg (size L)





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