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The UF PRO® Striker Stealth Smock merges the features of a combat jacket and a load bearing vest in a very unique way.»more info


The UF PRO® Striker Stealth Smock merges the features of a combat jacket and a load bearing vest in a very unique way.»more info


  • This product has integrated 3-D spacers, which prevent thermal bridges and distribute weight.


  • An innovative hood technology, which allows perfect vision and almost unlimited comfort, while wearing a hood.

    What is the UF PRO® Hood/Harness?

    The UF PRO® Hood/Harness is a new development, featuring a technology that comfortably connects the hood with your head. This is the only hood on the market that enables you perfect vision, unlimited mobility and comfort in foul weather conditions. The length and height of the Hood/Harness can be adjusted with an integrated head band and if wearing a helmet, the UF PRO® Hood/Harness can be easily detached.



    Why did we develop the UF PRO® Hood/Harness?

    Conventional hoods have to be either uncomfortably strapped around ones´ head or they limit the vision. So it is to choose the lesser evil: Either loosing ventilation and wear comfort while strapping a noisy hood firmly around your head, or run the risk to look inside the inner part of your hood, whenever you turn your head.

     A traditional hood without harness resulting in a limited field of view



    How does the UF PRO® Hood/Harness work?

    The Hood/Harness is integrated into the hood and connects it through a head band with the wearers head. It is either detachable or can be incorporated into the hoods´ lining.

  • Combining different face fabrics with complementary characteristics in order to optimize the garments properties.

    Why do we use UF PRO® Hybrid/Design?

    Usually garments are made of one certain type of face material, which defines the textile characteristics of the garment. To our mind this does not satisfy the performance requirements, as it usually offers just a compromise. Often the technical performance of just one material does not thoroughly fulfil all the complex functional and physiological requirements, of the human body in motion.

    Therefore we have switched from the single outer fabric design to a more sophisticated technology that we call Hybrid/Design. This design technology uses the material properties of different and complementary materials in different areas of the garment, as it is required by the expected end use during which it is worn.


    How does Hybrid/Design work?

    The basic principle for UF PRO® Hybrid/Design is that the functional and physiological requirements of the expected end use, define also the characteristics of the materials of choice.

    In areas for example, where elasticity is required, we use stretch materials usually coming from the Swiss premium manufacturer Schoeller®. In areas which require a rather solid platform for pockets and protectors, we choose solid materials without stretch. In areas, which require the best possible breathability, we use light and highly air permeable materials. Wherever durability is paramount we use highly abrasion resistant fabrics.

  • Can be upgraded with pads for additional protection.
Product fit: Loose

This product has a looser cut so you can accommodate multiple layers underneath it. If you are at the lower limit of a size, then we suggest you rather choose the smaller size.

Price: 295.00 €

!Incl. VAT and excluding shipping costs.

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The pocket configuration is a key element of the Stealth Smock. With an integrated MOLLE system it allows a modular set up of at least 4 pouches* and with additional 7 pockets it provides sufficient space for storing all your essential gear for a short term mission.

*The UF PRO® Stealth pouches are not included and can be ordered separately.

The huge back pocket is meant for bigger pieces of equipment, like rain gear, a small tarp, poncho, a light sleeping bag, etc. It offers you the ability to separate two compartments with a zipper. Its bulk can be adjusted with two straps and a two level button system.


The spacious pocket configuration of the Stealth Smock allows you to carry around 12 to 15kg, which meant we had to find a way to keep the jacket comfortable and in place, even with all that load.

The unique Load Bearing System of the Striker Stealth Smock ensures that even the fully loaded jacket does not dangle and swing around you, whenever you make a move. It ergonomically distributes the weight on the whole torso and provides truly excellent wear comfort.

It consists basically of two modules:

The main part of the weight is held by a breathable waist belt. It has three air permeable cushions which are positioned in the hip and lower spine area. The belt is exactly in line with the front, side and back pouches.

Therefore it not only carries, but also stabilizes the weight around the wearers centre of gravity.

All remaining weight is carried by big areas of air/pac® inserts, which are in the shoulder, upper chest and upper back area.

So whatever you store in the smock is supported and held in place by those two modules, the load bearing belt and the upper torso air/pac® inserts. Both are comfortably cushioning and air permeable.


The stow away hood has an integrated Hood/Harness® system which allows you unhindered vision, air circulation and good hearing while wearing the hood.


The Striker Stealth Smock can be additionally equipped with the UF PRO® Elbow pads*, which give you comfortable and reliable protection for your elbows. Additionally, the elbow area is reinforced with CORDURA® material for extreme abrasion resistance.


*The UF PRO® Flex Elbow pads are not included.


As carrying a full loud can get pretty hot, we integrated ventilation openings in the sides and arm pit area.


The crotch strap serves as a safety, so that the smock does not slip up while crawling backwards. It is detachable and folds away into an integrated stow away pocket.


  • Breathable Load Bearing System
  • MOLLE straps for attaching pouches
  • Stow away hood with a detachable Hood/Harness® system
  • UF PRO® air/pac® inserts in the shoulder, chest and upper back area
  • Upper arm pockets with an inner pocket and large Velcro area for various badges
  • Two big chest pockets with inner compartments
  • Huge lower back pocket whose main compartment can be separated into two compartments with a zipper, and its bulk can be adjusted with two straps and a two level button system
  • Loops for attaching gloves
  • Cuff adjusters
  • Ventilation zippers in the side and arm pit area
  • Elbow pockets for UF PRO® Elbow Pads
  • CORDURA® reinforced elbow area


MultiCam® and PenCott™ GreenZone:

  • 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop fabric
  • 100% CORDURA® fabric

Flecktarn and Brown Grey:

  • 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton Ripstop fabric
  • 100% CORDURA® fabric


1,85kg (size L)



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